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Ever Wondered How Chickens Produce Eggs?

February 22, 2024|Categories: Field Notes|

Ever wondered how chickens produce eggs? Our hens are a cross called Novogen and have been bred to be excellent layers. During peak season one of our chickens can lay an egg up to 5 days a week! It all starts with the yolk, also called an oocyte, and ...


January 11, 2024|Categories: Field Notes|

Have you ever wondered where certain animals go during the winter? Some animals like wood ducks, mallards, certain butterflies, and other migratory birds will fly south to find warmer temperatures. While other organisms like skunks, groundhogs, insects, amphibians, foxes and more, stay home and brace the cold weather in ...

The “Bear” Necessities

January 3, 2024|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: , |

Black bears are North America's most widely distributed bear species and can found throughout the United States as well as in Canada and Mexico. More specifically, they can be found right here in Willowsford! We are fortunate enough to have several sightings of a healthy black bears in Willowsford ...

Eat in Season this Winter!

December 14, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

What is “eating in season”? Simply put, it’s actively choosing foods that are grown and harvested during the current season. Think tomatoes in the peak of summer or fresh winter greens. For most of history, seasonal eating has just been eating, a cycle of growth, harvest and consumption based ...

Owls of Loudoun County

November 15, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: , |

Figure 1. Eastern Screech Owl We are lucky in Loudoun County to have such a wide variety of different owls. To list a few, we have the Eastern Screech owl, Barred owl, Barn owl, Great Horned owl, Short-Eared owl, and Northern Saw-Whet owl. How big do they ...

Birdwatching for Beginners

November 14, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

Birdwatching is a rewarding and accessible hobby that is great for nature enthusiasts of all ages and abilities. Despite being a lifelong nature enthusiast, I had never taken to bird watching until about four years ago. Now, it’s an almost daily hobby ...

2023 Land Stewardship Accomplishments

November 3, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

Our Land Stewardship team has been busy this year! Our team is responsible for managing over 2,000 acres of protected open space throughout the Willowsford community which includes over 40 miles of trails. From adding new infrastructure (like the obstacle course in the greens!) to working on land restoration ...

Heroes of the Night!

November 1, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: , |

International bat week (Oct. 24th-31st) is a celebration of our spooky flying friends and a chance to learn more about just how important bats are! What many people may not know is how big of a role bats play in our natural ecosystems, research ...

Cover Cropping

October 31, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

If you’ve visited the farm in the past few months, whether to volunteer or go on one of our monthly farm tour wagon rides, you’ve likely seen a tall plant that looks a bit like corn. This plant is actually a cover crop called Sorghum Sudangrass. Cover cropping is a ...

Salamanders in your Backyard!

October 6, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

With the moist skin of a frog, but the shape of a lizard, salamanders are bizarre creatures. Virginia is home to over 50 different species of salamanders, many of which can be found in your own backyard here in Loudoun county. Salamanders generally live in ...

Safe Fishing Practices

September 18, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

One of the many direct benefits of conservation is creating space for outdoor recreational activities, such as fishing. At the Conservancy, we know that many of our residents enjoy going out themselves or taking their kids out to the local ponds to catch some bluegill, sunfish, bass or even catfish! ...

Tick Awareness and Prevention

August 21, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

We've all been there -- after hiking through the woods or working in your garden, you find a tick on your skin or clothing. You may have even found one on your dog! At first glance, they may all look the same, but different tick species are found in northern Virginia. ...


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