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Safe Fishing Practices

September 18, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

One of the many direct benefits of conservation is creating space for outdoor recreational activities, such as fishing. At the Conservancy, we know that many of our residents enjoy going out themselves or taking their kids out to the local ponds to catch some bluegill, sunfish, bass or even catfish! ...

Tick Awareness and Prevention

August 21, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

We've all been there -- after hiking through the woods or working in your garden, you find a tick on your skin or clothing. You may have even found one on your dog! At first glance, they may all look the same, but different tick species are found in northern Virginia. ...

The Power of Bumblebees

August 18, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

Did you know that bees of all types are important for pollination? That's right, while honeybees provide us with their delicious honey, bumblebees are the only ones who can consistently pollinate this farm favorite: eggplant! Bumblebees can disengage the muscles in their wings and vibrate at a very high frequency. This is called ...

Snakes Play A Vital Role In Our Ecosystem!

August 10, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

To some, snakes have a bad reputation; to be fair, we may not always consider snakes the friendliest creatures! However, in terms of conservation, snakes play a vital role in our ecosystem for many reasons. All ecosystems, including the Willowsford Conservancy, greatly benefit from our slithery friends.     One ...

Don’t Feed the Wildlife

August 3, 2023|Categories: Field Notes|Tags: |

Many of you might have noticed more wildlife on the streets or visiting your yards. Please avoid feeding wildlife such as deer, squirrels, racoons, foxes, or coyotes human food or purchased food sources that are not part of their normal diets and make sure your trash is enclosed. Feeding them ...


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