Integrated Agrihood

Willowsford is one of the leading agrihoods in the country. Our Farm is the product of a decade of commitment, passion and innovative design that integrates farming and nature into how we live. We invite you to become part of our Farm life. Healthy people and healthy land can coexist symbiotically in a working landscape. We aim to be a model residential community with a functioning ecosystem and viable, people-oriented agriculture.

We think facilitating engaging experiences is the best way to cultivate lifestyles that have a positive impact on humans and the environment alike. We do this by selling fresh and intentionally grown food; by hosting events, cooking classes; and through joyful educational activities to get kids and adults to the farm, and into the kitchen.

Shop the Farm in one of three ways: CSA, Online Farm Stand, and the Willowsford Farm Stand located in The Grange Village. Visit our online store today!

Growing Resilience

Soil is the foundation of farming. To improve soil health is to strengthen our Farm’s resilience – the two are intertwined.

We build soil by using cover crops, crop rotations, compost, and natural rock amendments, grazing and minimum tillage strategies. These are the keys to maintaining good soil fertility and to growing crops that are full of nutrients and flavor. These practices also help us manage weeds, pests, and disease on the farm. Our goal is to create a resilient, self-nourishing cycle that replenishes its own nutrients and organic matter and provides for its own weed and pest control.

Build healthy soil by composting!

Willowsford Conservancy has partnered with Worm Works to make composting easy! Worm Works subscribers can start dropping off their compostable waste at the farm stand during operating hours (Thursdays 4pm-7pm & Saturdays 9am-1pm). To learn more and subscribe, click here!

With Farmers

Willowsford Farm is managed by Andrew Dunham and three dedicated full-time staff members who collectively have more than 50 years of organic growing experience.

In addition to managing the Farm, the crew is dedicated to engaging the collective Agrihood community and involving them in Farm focused programs. Learn more about the team, here.

Get Involved
Interested in learning more about the Farm, getting your hands dirty, or simply spending time outdoors with a fun team? Volunteer at the Farm! Check out our opportunities here!