Keep Conservation Going

Conservation doesn’t have to stop at your property line. As a community, Willowsford residents can help build native habitat together by completing conservation projects in conservancy managed open space. With over 2,000 acres of land, our small team has to prioritize project areas and we can’t restore all of the open space at once. Willowsford residents have the ability to step up and engage in conservation by proposing and implementing conservation and restoration projects in the Conservancy Open Space areas surrounding their home.

Open space projects can be big or small and our team of experts can provide guidance in developing the right plan based on the space you are working in and the level of commitment you have to the project.

Have questions or want to learn more? Contact Taryn, our Director of Land Stewardship at

The Process

1. The Idea

Come up with an idea for your project. Consider things like the time and resources your project would require. It can be as simple and costless as removing invasives, or more in depth restoration project.

2. Plan Your Project

Create a project plan that describes the scope of the project. Include things like the plant species you are removing or planting or where you propose installing a bird box. Take photos or draw a map, we need to see your vision!

3. Submit Your Plan

Submit your completed plan to the Willowsford Conservancy Land Stewardship team for review. With your submission, include your plan and our License Agreement.

4. Get Approval

Our Land Stewardship team will review your project. They may have additional recommendations and require revision before approval.

5. Start your project!

With approval you can begin your project,

Things to Consider

  • Open Space Projects are the responsibility of the resident. While our staff is here to provide guidance, the Conservancy may be limited in our ability to provide labor or financial assistance for projects.
  • You must get approval before starting projects on Conservancy Land. Failure to get approval may result in an Open Space Violation.

  • The goals of Open Space Projects are to naturalize and restore an area and not create a landscaped garden. Only native plants are permitted and must be planted in a natural arrangement. No hedges/screens, mulch rings, or other landscaping work are allowed.
  • Open Space Projects can be a great way to connect with your community. Consider partnering with neighbors to collaboratively work on an area near your street!

Examples of Open Space Projects

When it comes to projects in conservancy open space, there are endless options. For any project, our Land Stewardship will be available to help determine the right types of projects for the space based on your time, energy, and level of commitment to the project. Some projects may be as simple as installing wildlife shelter like an owl box or bee house. Others, may be long term restoration projects like planting trees or seeding wildflowers. Get inspired by the project ideas below!