Land Stewardship Continues In Your Backyard

While Willowsford Conservancy works to protect and care for more than 2,000 acres in our community, the “other” 2,000+ acres are just as important, including the land you live on.

Each Willowsford yard/home has the potential to further enrich our entire ecosystem, including these top five ways:

Home Habitat Tips From Willowsford Conservancy– Plant native flowers and trees
– Compost your food scraps
– Reduce chemical use
– Leave the leaves and stems
– Consider nighttime lights

Through Collective Effort

Living in the Chesapeake Bay watershed means our ecological community extends far beyond Willowsford. The decisions we make on all of our Willowsford land have the potential to benefit – or harm – our local streams, waterways, Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. We have the potential to benefit – or harm – our natural neighbors such as pollinators and wildlife.

Through collective effort we have the opportunity to integrate all of our Willowsford land, including our yards, into connected corridors of environmental stewardship.

A few collective steps include: Planting native plants and trees in your yard, replacing invasive species with native species, participate in Loudoun Wildlife Conservancy’s residential Wildlife Sanctuary Program, and by participating in an at home compost program.

With Guidance From The Land Stewardship Team

The Land Stewardship Team is directed by Taryn McFarland and four dedicated full-time staff members who collectively have more than 25 years of experience in natural resources management.

In addition to managing 40 miles of Conservancy trails, facilities, campsites, and a broad range of ecosystems the crew is dedicated to sharing their expertise and passion for the natural world with the community through popular programming and events, such as the annual Bonfire and Camp-over.

Get Involved
Are you interested in learning more about how the Land Stewardship Team manages the natural world in your backyard? Get involved through attending one (or all!) of the Conservancy programs and events or working side-by-side with them while lending a helpful hand through volunteering.