As stewards of the land, we are passionate about preserving and restoring the wonderfully unique ecosystems here at Willowsford. One part of this work includes focusing the biodiversity of our land through native plants! Virginia is home to an abundance of native plants that are not only beautiful, but provide important ecosystem services for people and wildlife.

Why plant native?

  • Because they evolved in the region, native plants are well adapted to the specific climate and soils of the area. They are more resilient and require significantly less maintenance than introduced non native species. By planting native, you’ll save time and money by watering and fertilizing less frequently.
  • Native plants provide essential habitat for our local wildlife. Mammals, birds, insects, and more depend on native plants for shelter and food.
  • Some animal species require specific plants in order to reproduce and survive. One example is the monarch butterfly and its host plant, milkweed. Monarch caterpillars exclusively feed on milkweed leaves.
  • Native plants help combat climate change by sequestering carbon. Native trees like oaks and hickories do a great job storing away carbon, but did you know that native grasses are also an amazing “carbon sink”? The root system of native grasses can grow many feet below the soil surface and hold significantly more carbon mass than what we see above the surface.

Native Plants for Sale

In 2023 our Land Stewardship team began growing a selection of native plants in our very own greenhouse that are available for purchase. Shop from over 25 different native species through our online native plant webstore! All plants are propagated from nursery stock or responsibly sourced or collected seeds.


In Person Sales

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Get Involved!

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