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604, 2023

Hopping Our Way Through Spring! 🌸

April 6, 2023|From the Farmer|

Spotting a Thumper or Two! Greetings from the Farm,We've got Easter on the calendar and bunnies in the beds! While diversity of wildlife is highly encouraged, we'd prefer it if our rabbit friends left our produce alone! Starting next Saturday, April 15th, the Beyer residence in the Grove Village will ...

2303, 2023

This March is Madness! ⛅

March 23, 2023|From the Farmer|

    Get Egg-cited for Our Events! Greetings from the Farm,We've got sprouts in the Greenhouse and more light in the day, but this crazy weather refuses to go away! There was a chilly wind last week and this week is delightfully mild...but we've got some news that will make ...

2003, 2023

Reserve Your CSA Share Today!

March 20, 2023|From the Farmer|

    Reserve Your CSA Share Today! Greetings from the Willowsford Farm Team! Spring is in the air and your Farm team is happily gearing up for the 2023 season. We've been seeding and transplanting so we can provide our community an abundance of healthy Farm fresh food. We are ...

1603, 2023

We’ve Always Got Our Green On! 🌈

March 16, 2023|From the Farmer|

  Green is Our Gold! Greetings from the Farm,We've hit our mid-March stride and while there are no leprechauns in sight, we definitely have an eye on what's happening in Willowsford!  Enjoying the Harvest: In the spirit of "Pi Day" this week, we'd like to shout out our partners: Harvest Symphony, ...

903, 2023

Spring is Sprouting! 🌷

March 9, 2023|From the Farmer|

  The First Seeds of Spring Greetings from the Farm,It feels like spring has finally sprung with consistent balmy weather on the horizon. The Greenhouse at the Grange Farm is back in action, working hard to help our seeds sprout. We've got onions, and arugula, and parsley (oh my!) in the ...

203, 2023

Join Us for Our Events!

March 2, 2023|From the Farmer|

    Greetings from the Farm,It may feel like the CSA off-season is uneventful, but we've got some great programming lined up for next week! The Off-Season Retail Trial is going well, and you'll be able to order products from our partner baker Lyon Bakery next week. This week we ...

2302, 2023

The Garlic is Growing!

February 23, 2023|From the Farmer|

  Sweet Savory Garlic Greetings from the Farm, Our garlic is growing! We planted before the winter began and this warm weather has been moving things right along. As we get a little closer to the CSA (and those delicious garlic scapes), it's a great time to learn about the ...

1302, 2023

Love is in the Air ❤

February 13, 2023|From the Farmer|

    The Things We Love! Greetings from the Farm,Sending love from the Farm! It's been a busy social calendar with Super Bowl Sunday and Valentine's Day in the same week. As we hit the rest of our stride, we'd like to say thanks to our volunteers and CSA members. Expressing ...

902, 2023

Get To Know Us Better! 🍎

February 9, 2023|From the Farmer|

    Connecting with the Crew Greetings from the Farm,Even though it's February, we still can somehow enjoy these warm days! Miss out on Meet the Farmer? Get to know Farm Manager Andrew Dunham in the profile below! Getting the Dough : As per special request, this week we are ...

602, 2023

It’s Cool to be an Egghead!

February 6, 2023|From the Farmer|

    It's Cool to be an Egghead! Greetings from the Farm,Every time you visit the store, eggs always seem to come up. It's at the top of everyone's mind right now, but how much do you know about eggs and how they come to be? Today's newsletter is all ...


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