One of the many direct benefits of conservation is creating space for outdoor recreational activities, such as fishing. At the Conservancy, we know that many of our residents enjoy going out themselves or taking their kids out to the local ponds to catch some bluegill, sunfish, bass or even catfish! But how often do you get to your favorite fishing spot and someone before you have left hooks on the ground, fishing line in the tree, or a dead fish on the shore? 

Not only is this dangerous to nearby people and pets, but it’s also extremely harmful to our wildlife. In this article, we’re going to go over some best fishing practices to ensure everyone can enjoy fishing in our ponds and observing the wildlife living in them!

Besides your rod & reel, what are some good items to have while fishing? 

  • Be sure to carry your fishing license at all times!
  • A first aid kit.
  • Fishing hemostats or forceps to help remove small hooks from fish.
  • Pocket knife or multitool to cut fishing line.
  • A bag for used fishing line, bait packaging, or any other trash.
  • A tape measure if you want to measure your catch but remember ponds in Willowsford are catch and release only!
  • Check to make sure the hook & bait you are using are appropriate for the size of fish in our ponds—too big a hook will hurt your chances and have a higher likelihood of injuring the fish.

Below are some tips to keep you, others, and the wildlife safe while fishing:

  • Always be aware of other fishermen, respect their space.
  • Make sure to clean up any and all trash that you bring.
  • Do not leave any fishing line behind. If you see any fishing line, please be sure to pick it up, as wildlife can get caught in it which can cause them injury or even death.
  • Always remove the hooks and fishing line from your catch before releasing it back. If you’re unable to remove the hook, cut the line as close to the hook as possible (and it will rust out).
  • Many of the ponds have turtles. Do your best to avoid them, but if you accidentally hook one, don’t set your hook and then follow the directions above.
  • Be mindful of where you’re casting to avoid getting fishing line stuck in trees, bushes, and pond vegetation. 

Where to Fish at Willowsford:


  • Allen Farm Pond (The Grant)
  • Beaver Dam Pond (The Greens)
  • Broad Run – near the bridge at Founders Dr. (The Grange)
  • Bull Run – try your hand at fly fishing! (The Greens)
  • Cedar Pond (The Greens)
  • Lotus Pond (The Greens)
  • Twin Ponds – lower pond (The Grove)


  • Frog Pond (The Greens)
  • Pin Oak Pond (The Grove)
  • Splash Pad Pond (The Grove)
  • Tulip Poplar Pond (The Greens)
  • Twin Ponds – upper pond (The Grove
  • Willow Lake (The Greens)