Many of you might have noticed more wildlife on the streets or visiting your yards. Please avoid feeding wildlife such as deer, squirrels, racoons, foxes, or coyotes human food or purchased food sources that are not part of their normal diets and make sure your trash is enclosed. Feeding them in this manner creates wildlife conflicts with people and encourages them to come near human populations which could put pets and even humans in danger. Learn more about Virginia’s laws  and helpful tips from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources on feeding the animals.

It is critical that we leave the wildlife in Willowsford to find food sources in their natural habitat. Native plants form the foundation of the food chain in the natural world and they are found in abundance in the open spaces, such as meadows and woodlands, in Willowsford. You can also provide food sources for butterflies, insects, birds, and small animals, by creating a wildlife-friendly garden or landscape. Native plants provide food to wildlife in a wide variety of ways, from berries to nuts to nectar and even the insects they support that feed other animals. The Audubon Society has helpful tips on how to create a wildlife-friendly habitat and you can even apply to certify it.