What are your main responsibilities as a Farmer?

As a Farmer, I am primarily focused on greenhouse seeding, microgreen production, planting, weeding, and harvesting.

What first got you interested in working with Willowsford Conservancy?

I was drawn to Willowsford’s strong focus on the environment and sustainability, as well as being curious about the idea of an agrihood, something I had never encountered before.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

Being outdoors. Eating fresh food that I know the origins of. Getting paid to get fresh air and exercise (try pushing a wheel hoe for a few hours!). Improving soil health and working to support a healthy environment. Meeting very nice, interesting, and dedicated volunteers.

What is your favorite memory working at Willowsford Conservancy?

There is no single memory that stands out, but I have a few favorite moments; standing in the packing shed during a downpour watching a storm roll across the fields, the smell of the herb garden accidentally brushed against, and any time I find a new bug or insect I have never before seen.

What is your favorite thing to grow on the farm?

It is too hard to pick just one. Carrots and microgreens are probably my favorites. I love harvesting carrots in the sunshine on a crisp fall day. The farm is beautiful, the carrots are beautiful, and after a little cold weather the carrots taste amazing. Microgreens are also fun because I get to do the whole process from start to finish. After growing so many flats on the farm, I am hooked. Were I not a part of the farm, I would be growing my own microgreens in a spare corner of the house, just so I never have to go without!