What are your main responsibilities as Production Manager?

I grow soil so it produces quality food. That’s my simple explanation. We all wear many hats here. I do the bulk of any mechanized activity with heavy equipment (anything that takes a tractor). There are other tasks that are more all-purpose such as harvest, washing, packing that I also participate in. Most of the fix it projects end up in my court as well.

What first got you interested in working with Willowsford Conservancy?

The whole Agrihood concept sounded cool. Plus, there was a place for our cows to live out here, so it seemed serendipitous.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I love working outdoors with my hands. Desk jobs are just not my cup of tea. The tasks are always changing day to day, so it doesn’t get repetitive. This area has some lovely bird activity that I really enjoy seeing.

What is your favorite memory working at Willowsford Conservancy?

I found a huge morel mushroom on the path between G1 and G2 once that really made my day. I’m always scoping that section for gourmet mushrooms. Have had more luck finding oyster mushrooms but that one ginormous morel was quite the highlight.

What is your favorite thing to grow on the farm?

For me it’s more that I love it when the things we grow are thriving. I love seeing health produce regardless of what it is. There are so many moving parts of the whole that have to line up right for your produce to thrive. When it looks good there is the pride of a job well done as well as the pleasure of its beauty. Nice bunch of collards with a frosted purple halo on the outer edges or a perfect darker green leaf contrasting with the bright red of the radish bunch… glorious!