Take some time to learn more about Andrew Richardson, Willowsford Conservancy’s longest serving staff member. Andrew joined our team in 2013 and brings incredible knowledge about land management and operations to our Land Stewardship team.

What are your main responsibilities as Field Operations Manager?

I’m responsible for the management of the Conservancy facilities maintenance and construction operations, including trails, amenities, buildings, and equipment. I budgets, technical and working knowledge and team leadership in the daily upkeep and maintenance of the Conservancy’s property, facilities, and infrastructure.

What first got you interested in working with Willowsford Conservancy?

I worked in commercial construction and development for years prior to working at Willowsford. I knew and had worked with Brian Cullen (The Founder of the Willowsford Community) on commercial projects within Loudoun County. I was hired as the first Land Conservancy (non-farm) employee, responsible for the design, integration, and construction of Conservancy infrastructure within the Willowsford properties. I have also had a passion for trails and the outdoors, having been a life-long hiker and outdoor enthusiast. I have volunteered and worked with the AT Conservancy over the years gaining experience and technical knowledge specific to trail construction and maintenance.

What do you enjoy most about working here?

I have spent my life working on the development side of the Industry, leaving when the doors are first opened. Here at the Willowsford Conservancy, I was able to transition over to the operational side and continue to manage the on-going work as the infrastructure matures. This has allowed me to enjoy and appreciate my work through the eyes of all who now enjoy the trails and outdoor amenities.

What is your favorite trail/natural space throughout Willowsford and why?

If I have the time, then a leisurely walk along the Bull Run Overlook trail always brings new discoveries. I enjoy the experience of a space, the sight, sound and feeling of your surroundings, rustling in the leaves, wind blowing through the trees, water bubbling in the creek and birds chirping all around.

Is there anything else about you you’d like to share?

Willowsford Conservancy offers a great opportunity for those passionate about conservation and Land Resource Management. We have a small diverse team with a huge mission. For those early employees and board members, it has been our job to make sure that the team have the resources and training they need to achieve their mission and grow as professionals. Today we have the best team that I have ever worked with, and I look forward to the future.