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The Greens

Scenic Views to Explore

The trails in The Greens include scenic views of Bull Run Overlook trail, the natural beauty of Wetlands Way, and the recently established Raptor Perch trail. Trails meander through woods, meadows, and ponds including the Cedar Pond Pavilion making the Greens trails an ideal place for families to explore.

Trail Notices

Please use caution when proceeding near areas under construction.


The Raptor Perch connector through Wyndham Point Place is closed while construction continues.

Wetlands Way near mile marker 8.0 has been rerouted around the old boardwalk.

The northern entrance of Bull Run Overlook is temporarily re-routed due to construction activity.

Raptor Perch trail is officially open! Signage is currently being installed to assist in navigation.

General Warning

The Bull Run Overlook and Wetlands Way trails can be extremely wet (standing water) after heavy rain and are prone to flooding and high water at stream crossings during these periods. Low water crossings should only be used when the water is low and the steppers are above water. Please use the Lenah Run Bridge at all other times.

Current Conditions

Winter/Spring months: Wet in areas, especially after precipitation events. Expect tree debris on trails after storms. Please report major debris and fallen trees to the HOA/Conservancy. Use caution as Conservancy trails are not treated for snow or ice.

Trail Maps
Trail Descriptions
Raptor Perch Trail
(2.0 miles)

Raptor Perch Trail runs through the center of the Greens creating a central corridor connecting the Greens neighborhoods with the Conservancy trail network.  Following the powerline easement, the “edge habitat” where grassland and woodlands meet is excellent hunting ground for raptors.

Bull Run Overlook Trail
(5.5 miles)

Bull Run Overlook Trail follows the northern Bull Run stream branch while passing through hardwood forests, red cedar stands, and open meadows.  This trail is considered difficult due to distance and uneven terrain.  Cedar Pond and its Pavilion are located on the southern end of Bull Run Overlook trail including a trailhead access.

Wetlands Way
(3.5 miles)

Wetlands Way runs through lowland wetlands along the eastern edge of the Greens.  As its name suggests, the trail can be muddy at times.  Wetlands Way connects to Spring Peeper Pond where residents can enjoy the sights and sounds of wetland wildlife from the wildlife viewing structure.  Visit Spring Peeper Pond in early spring to hear how the wetland got its name!

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