Water, Woodlands and Wonder

The Grange

A Hiker’s and Nature Lover’s Paradise

The trails in The Grange will take you on a journey around the Farm and along Broad Run and Lenah Run. With streamside views, boardwalks, bridges and moderate terrain, the Grange trails are perfect for hikers and nature lovers.

Trail Notices

Please use caution when proceeding near areas under construction.

General Warning

The Lenah Run and Broad Run Overlook trails can be extremely wet (standing water) after heavy rain and are prone to flooding and high water at stream crossings during these periods. Low water crossings should only be used when the water is low and the steppers are above water. Please use the Lenah Run Bridge at all other times.

Current Conditions

Winter/Spring months: Wet in areas, especially after precipitation events.  Expect tree debris on trails after storms.  Please report major debris and fallen trees to the HOA/Conservancy.  Use caution as Conservancy trails are not treated for snow or ice.

Trail Maps
Trail Descriptions
Grange Loop
(2.0 Miles)

The Grange Loop trail is a mowed and wooded multi-use trail that encompasses the southern section of the Grange property. The trail can be accessed from the Paddock Gate Park, Paddock Gate Place and the Lenah Run Overlook Trail. The trail consists of natural surfaces and crushed aggregate and is a moderate trail suitable for walking and running.

Lenah Run Overlook
(1.4 Miles)

Lenah Run Overlook trail is a mowed grass trail that tracks through a wide clearing adjacent to one of the larger tributaries at The Grange — Lenah Run. Grade change is minimal and users can connect to the Broad Run Overlook, Grange Loop and Bloomfield Path trails.

Bloomfield Path
(0.45 Miles)

Bloomfield Path is a mowed grass trail that runs parallel with traces of the Loudoun Branch of the Manassas Gap Railroad, where work was halted in 1861. The trail provides access to Winston’s Walkabout Dog Park, and has a wonderful view of the Lenah Run stream valley to the East. Users can expect a few moderate inclines.

Broad Run Overlook
(0.65 Miles)

The Broad Run Overlook trail is one of the more difficult trails at The Grange and is recommended for seasoned hikers — no bikes allowed. The trail offers access to the tree house, and has spectacular views of Broad Run and Willowsford Farm. There are several steep grades, timber steps, and variable terrain.

Farm Loop
(1.8 Miles)

The Farm Loop trail is a mowed grass trail that encircles the Farm’s two fields at The Grange. It is best suited for a casual walk/jog, and can be split up into two separate loops of similar distance. The trail head is near the Farm garden area off Founders Drive, and features bluebird nesting boxes.

Shockey Farm Lane
(0.4 Miles)

Shockey Farm Lane is a paved asphalt trail that follows the old farm road that once led to the Shockey Farm homestead. It connects the public sidewalk on Evergreen Mills Road with Sycamore House.

Sycamore Way
(0.9 Miles)

Sycamore Way starts on the east side of Founders Drive. This trail has a combination of natural surfaces and crushed aggregate, and minimal elevation change. Users can gain access to Sycamore House, the Sycamore House Pool, and a playground.

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