Spicy Honey-Lime Chicken with Garlic Carrots

Measurements aren’t exact. Have fun, taste while you’re cooking. Serves (about) 4.


6 farm carrots
4 large cloves of garlic
1 tbsp of olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
garlic powder
1 lb of chicken tenders
1 tbsp of honey
1 lime (juice)
1/4 cup chicken broth
chili sauce (Franks or your favorite)
2 cups of Jasmine rice (your favorite grain or greens)
tbsp of coconut oil


  1. Marinate the chicken in chili sauce, lime juice, honey, salt, pepper and garlic powder.
  2. Cook 2 cups of rice in a rice cooker or over the stove with the tbsp of coconut oil and salt.
  3. Heat olive oil in a pan and turn it on med-high. Brown the chicken on both sides and cook until almost completely done. At this point, some of the ingredients are carmalized, pour the borth in to deglaze the pan and cover and move to the side and let it sit a few minutes. Chicken is done.
  4. Chop carrots and garlic. Heat olive oil in a pan and cook the carrots until the garlic browns, stirring occasionally.
  5. Serve it over mixed greens or your favorite grain and top with chopped green onion.
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