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Farm Tours

Willowsford Farm is a working, productive farm. We have regularly scheduled public tours one Sunday a month, April through October, preceded or followed by volunteer hours. See the farm calendar for dates, locations and times. Please register here in advance and arrive on time. Our tours include a fair amount of walking, however special accommodations may be made for visitors requiring assistance. Please let us know in advance if you need assistance.

Private Farm Tours

If you would like to arrange a private tour or visit for yourself, your family, school, business, and other group, please contact us at so we may discuss dates, times and associated fees and tailor your visit to meet your needs or educational standards.

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Safety at the Farm

Whether you're here on a tour, stopping in while hiking the Farm Loop Trail, or working with us in the field, there are a couple things to keep in mind while at the farm:

Drive Carefully

Please drive carefully and slowly on farm property. There are humans, farm vehicles, humans on farm vehicles, and resident animals buzzing about on a daily basis.

Watch Your Step

Be careful when visiting the your step! There are rocks, holes, and other natural hazards as well as unnatural ones. There are also electric fences protecting our animals.

Farm Equipment

Watch out for farm equipment, and please do not enter farm buildings unless invited. Give farm equipment at least fifty (50) feet from any vehicles or equipment in use. Never expect that someone using equipment or on a tractor sees you, until they've stopped, turned their equipment off and acknowledge you.

Pet Policy

Do not bring your pets onto the farm, service dogs excepted.


Children under sixteen (16) must be accompanied by an adult.

Use Pathways

Please do not walk in vegetable fields. If you have reason to be in a vegetable field, be sure to use the pathways between crop beds.


Do not pick vegetables except as advertised.


Do not feed or touch animals unless accompanied by a farmer.

Please Avoid

For your safety, no bare feet, glass bottles, weapons or smoking at the farm at any time.

Living Environment

Finally, remember that there are all sorts of critters and plants living here - watch out for some of them: poison ivy, blackberry (watch out for the thorns, but look for the berries), ticks, and bees.

Willowsford Conservancy

41025 Willowsford Lane, Aldie, VA 20105

Phone: 571-440-2400

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Willowsford Farm Stand

23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA 20148

Phone: 571-297-6900

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