Red Fox

(Vulpes vulpes fulva)

The red fox is the size of a small dog, up to 41” long and weighing 9-12 pounds. It has prominent, erect ears, a pointed nose, and a long, bushy tail with white tip. The fur is long, soft, with the upper part reddish-yellow, black-tipped on the shoulders. A litter of 4-7 pups is born in a den in late March/early April. The male may bring food to the den until the female can leave the pups a short time, then they both hunt. Red foxes are generally nocturnal, and usually use the same area for life. The fox is known as sly because it has many sophisticated tricks for losing predators like backtracking and running on fence poles to confuse or eliminate tracks. It can live about 5 years.

The red fox is found in most areas of Virginia. It prefers diverse habitat in less populated areas, like farmland. Red foxes are omnivorous though most of their diet is made of rabbits and mice. Occasionally, they may feed on poultry, squirrels, small birds, insects, nuts and fruits.

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