Eastern Grey Fox

(Urocyon cinereoargenteneus)

The grey fox is slightly smaller than the red fox, up to 40” and weighing about 8 pounds. The fur is grizzled gray above, white to ashy below, and lighter gray to reddish on the neck and sides. It has a long bushy tail with a median black stripe, and a black tip. A litter of 2-7 pups is born between March-May in a den. Grey foxes are primarily nocturnal and most active at dawn and dusk. They are adept climbers and use trees to escape enemies. They prefer upland woods and use riparian habitats and swamps, and live up to 3 years.

The grey fox is an opportunistic consumer. The diet varies with the season and relative abundance of foods. Animal matter, including rabbits and birds, is most important in the winter and spring. Insects and fruit are important in the summer and fall.

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