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Flower Shares Start This Week – May 29, 2018

Behold… the week that we have all been waiting for: Flower Shares from Greenstone Fields in Purcellville begin distribution!

Once you pick up your flowers on Tuesday May 29th, Wednesday May 30th or Saturday June 2nd (depending on your pick up day), give them a fresh cut as you put them into a vase filled with water (not just an inch or two at the bottom). Because these flowers are grown right around the corner, you are getting them very fresh and will be amazed at how long they last. Changing the water daily or every other day, along with a little stem trim, will also extend the life of your flowers. And if some stems start to wilt before others, simply remove and discard them to keep your bouquet looking fresh.

If you haven’t already seen it, check out this great video from the American Cut Flower Association that features Barbara Lamborne and her team and beautifully illustrates the movement back to locally-grown cut flowers.

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