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Animal Friends at the Farm

We have run into so many critters lately. Check them out. We have birds nesting in our mailbox. The Willowsford Bluebird monitors are hard at work trying to identify what they are. The next looks more like a house sparrow than a bluebird’s, but we’ve seen a bluebird in and out of there so often, it’s hard to say.

The Leopard Moth was spotted at the Farm Stand and we hope she laid eggs!

The black snakes we love – because they eat mice – but sometimes don’t love because the also eat eggs.

Nathan saw the two fawns just in time to get them out of the way of machinery in the farm. They were relocated outside the farm fence and mom was close behind.

The raccoon in the Peach Orchard barn may still be up in the rafters pretending to be invisible. Chicken farmers don’t love raccoons because they are known for preying on hens, so once that little fella lands himself in one of our have-a-heart traps, we will relocate him or her to a safe place nearby.


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