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Week 8 – 7/7/2014

Today we talk about dessert.  Well, Bonnie will take me to task, because she’s talking about shortcake and I automatically think dessert.  Not so – check out this week’s technique on making shortcake – sweet or savory. 

But it does remind me that dessert is real important in these parts.  This weekend Elisabeth made blueberry cobbler.  Things a’ turning into somewhat of a dessert competition around here.  At least, I’m hoping it is.  The gauntlet was thrown down early in April when Nathan made cupcakes for a couple of birthdays: white cake cupcakes with vanilla bean cream cheese icing and also an avocado cacao powder and maple syrup mousse kind of icing.  There’s been strawberry rhubarb pie, strawberry shortcake, various cookies, crisps (zucchini?  Yes!) and some shrimp spring rolls (ok, not dessert but worth mentioning).  Sometimes it feels like the Wild West: someone comes to work, the wind blows, the cooler door swings open on a rusty hinge, Radish rolls by like tumbleweed and Matt says from under his hat, teeth clenched, “homemade shortcake.  Try it.  I double dog dare you.”  Wah wah waaaah.

In your share this week: golden beets, celery, tomatoes, squash and zukes, kohlrabi… Tomatoes are coming on in the high tunnel and you should start seeing more of them in your box each week.  Say “when.”  If you’d like more tomatoes, particularly in bulk, let us know and as we have them they will be available to you for canning or otherwise.

This week’s squash and zucchini are from David Giusti; you may remember that he farmed one of our fields last year.  David is part of the local young farmer community in the county and is farming this year in Purcellville.  He grows nice squash and likes doing it, so we decided we would focus on growing our other crops better and add these to your share for part of the summer.  David uses similar growing practices to ours; while he is not certified organic, he does not spray or use any synthetics and he uses good organic farming practices.

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