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Week 8 – 7/25/2012
We received a few inches of rain over the last week. That can mean a tough time for organic farmers, as fungus likes moisture, so we’re on the job to support susceptible crops with good cultural and foliar practices. We spend most of our days harvesting, washing, packing… and catching up on field work like weeding, trellising, and planting. In the last two weeks we’ve harvested our garlic and most of our onions— they look great and are curing now, the garlic’s hanging in the barn and the onions are in the greenhouse. This week we’re sowing another round of cucumbers, squash, and beans, likely our last, though we may try one extra late planting to take us into fall. Next year’s strawberry plants should be arriving next week for planting and we’re preparing ground for these and for many of this fall’s crops: cabbage, broccoli, kale and collard greens, and more.
Coming out of the ground and of note: tomatillos (great for salsa verde), cape gooseberries (also known as ground or husk cherries), eggplant, leeks, and okra. Speaking of ground cherry, Katharyn Tupitza introduces herself below. One of the farmers here, she likes to do a little vegetative alchemy, taking veggies home and bringing back gold. Last week she brought the rest of us ground cherry-cantalouope crumble… pie. We’re trying to convince her to start her own catering business, but until then, you’ll have to try making it yourself.
Meet Your Farmer: Katharyn Tupitza.
Katharyn Tupitza graduated from Fauquier High School with high honors. She is now attending Virginia Tech as a Food Science major. Katharyn has a big passion for community and has worked with environmental groups in high school and done volunteer work at DC Central Kitchen. Katharyn has had a passion for food since she was four years old and helping her mother in the kitchen. She has been cooking food for her friends, family, and has even done some of her own catering events.
As Katharyn has been working in the culinary field she has found a passion for working with local farmers and organic produce. She hopes to one day be a personal chef and nutritionist and buy her supplies from only local farmers. She wishes to teach people how to eat healthy and be healthy along with teaching them how to support their community. Working with Willowsford she has learned how to incorporate some very odd foods into something delicious. One of these recipes includes husk or ground cherry, incorporated into a pie with cantaloupe.
Have a good week and be great,
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