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Week 5 – 7/3/2012
We thought that was a pretty neat storm that came up on Friday. We made it through alright; we didn’t lose power, or the greenhouse for that matter, though we did spend part of Saturday re-covering the squash and pumpkins, and standing the port-o-potty back upright. The crops to the windward side of each field showed they took the brunt of the wind, but seem to have settled back to their normal positions. The peppers may have taken things the hardest, as they haven’t been trellised yet. Otherwise, I think the ground appreciated the ¼ inch of rain and the natural fertilizer a storm brings.
The heat has done a job too, though again it hasn’t overwhelmed us. Things often slow down when the first heat comes – we do, taking more breaks, drinking more water, and often just trying not to spend extra energy. Crops do the same and often slow down their growth or reproduction, they send out extra feeder roots to find moisture. They conserve water, too – some plants roll their leaves, while others droop and look wilted. The heat doesn’t seem to have much effect on insects, though; cucumber beetles and Japanese beetles are here, and the first squash bugs and hornworms are showing. Some crops start showing the signs of stress – which makes them vulnerable to insect and disease. So we take care of them by irrigating, by picking and pruning, and providing any nutrition they might need in the form of seaweed sprays and rock dusts.
Farm Binders
This week, please take a FarmFare binder with you when you pick up your vegetables. These binders have been specially designed to keep your weekly CSA newsletters, with a place for easy reference to the “All About” section and the recipes categorized by each season in our growing cycle. The newsletters through Week #4 have been inserted into your binders. From here on out, you can print and add them each week as we go!
Seasonal Pies: Weekly Feature
Finally, you need to try the pie sold on Saturdays at the farm stand. Made by Kate at Willow, who makes all of the baked goods we use and sell at the stand and at other Willowsford events, these delicious pies are handmade with fruit that’s fresh and local (the same fruit we sell at the stand) each week. We generally pre-order these pies – this week we’ll sell them on “spec”, but in the future let us know at the stand on Saturday if you’d like to order one to be picked up the following week (or e-mail us at no later than the end of the day on Tuesday to reserve one for the following Saturday). Check with us to find out what kind of pie is available each week. This week’s pie is blackberry-peach. 
Have a good week and be great, 
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