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Week 5 – 6/17/2014

This week in shares one of my favorite of all favorites: baby leeks.  Treat these like scallions and use raw, baked, grilled or roasted.  They cook quickly so add them late to what you’re cooking.  Also this week: parsley, first beets, a very nice salad mix, greens, garlic scapes, and cabbage. Speaking of cabbage, broccoli is on the out and cabbage is ascending into the sign of CSA, so make good friends with cabbage. 

This is Solstice week and it is one indicator that spring is becoming summer.  We often take this week off from CSA harvest; in fact, we’d planned to this year, too.  It provides a good time to catch up on field work and to evaluate and reevaluate our season plans.  It is also an opportunity to take a rest as we head into the meat of our season; while this is Week 5 of the harvest season, we sow our first crops in the greenhouse in very early February and the farm team joined us mid-March and early April. 

Solstice of course is The Long Day.  Some kind of galactic turbulence gave the Earth an obliquity of the eclipticity (you might just call it a Virginia Lean): the sun is at its highest and day length at its longest.  Otherwise from here out we’re heading toward winter with the sun.  This year that’s about how it feels.  This is a big week for us at the Farm and if we get through it as we hope to then we’ll be sailing down the backside of summer. 

So in using this long day we catch up a little.  That late cold and a wet spring conspired to push many of our first plantings back further than usual and recent, heavy rains have done the same for subsequent ones.  We don’t look at this as a bad thing, just the reality of a unique season.  While summer crops are often “ahead” of June 21, this year we’re just seeing them start now: basil last week, the first summer squash trickling in, cucumbers and tomatoes to follow.  This week’s box reflects that slow transition and is also meant to give you a chance to catch up on any veggies you haven’t used, like that first kohlrabi or last week’s bok choi.  Juice it! 

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Happy Gardening Hours This Thursday

Thank you all for braving the rain and weeding those blueberries last week! This week, fellow residents, CSA members, friends, neighbors, pest insect crusaders and weed-pullers are invited to help out or hang out for any period of time between 4:00 pm – 7:00 pm.

NOTE: This Thursday is going to be HOT, HOT, HOT! Be sure and bring a reusable water bottle.

Our focus: Tomatoes! Pruning, trellising & all-around nurturing. The plants are happy but still need a little TLC and summer setup. This is a fairly delicate job so best suited for our older volunteers, but rest assured there is still plenty of weeding for the little ones!

Visit Thursday Volunteer Hours on Facebook for more information!

June 28, Sweet Farm Sauerkraut sampling – Get some Kraut for July 4

The folks at Sweet Farm Sauerkraut, out of Frederick County, Maryland, are dedicated to creating fresh and natural krauts with nothing but sea salt, spices and organic vegetables.  Their traditional fermentation methods produce fresh, crisp, tangy and naturally probiotic-full krauts that pair well with just about any meal and nourish your digestive system.  Sample the kraut and meet the Sweet Farm Sauerkraut team between 11:00 am and 1:00 pm at the Farm Stand.  Look forward to this event!

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