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Week 3 – 6/2/2014

Farmily, a Juicy Blend of Vegetables, Tastes, and Quirk

So this week in your share we’ve got a number of different tastes and textures, and perhaps a couple of unusual veggies (it’s kohlrabi.  I know what you’re asking about.  Kohlrabi).  I like to take one for the team and do a taste test in the field, and the kohlrabi is sweet, crisp, and kohlrabi-tasting.  The skin is thick enough that you’ll want to peel or cut it off, but the inside is great for shaving or slicing raw, or cooking into… whatever you might want to cook it into.  Including mashed potatoes.  The leaves, by the way, are better collards than the collards. 

That said, the kohlrabi might be too much.  Or maybe the braising mix or collards.  What do you do with things you’re just not familiar with, the things you want so bad to like but just don’t… well we have the solution to all the world’s problems.  Juicing.

This week Bonnie takes us there.  Just as when making any other dish, you can go from I-Like-My-Smoothies-Sweet to more complex by adding different flavors.  If you’re game for it, this is a great box to experiment with, in the juicer or on the stove: spicy greens for braising or for salad (think dressing with garlic, maple syrup, sea salt, and… mayonnaise.  Seriously.  Add water to desired consistency), cilantro, spring garlic, strawberries, collards, a pinch of high tunnel basil, and, if it’s ready, broccoli.  No room here to wax on about it, but spring garlic is the gift of the earth.

This week we also meet the farm crew.  Remember the scene in Spies Like Us when Chevy Chase and Dan Aykroyd are infiltrating the Soviet doctors’ convention?  Dr, Dr, Dr, Dr… Morning meetings here consist of, “Farmer, farmer, farmer, farmer…” (“Well, did we miss anyone?”)

While all of us reading this are part of the WF Farmily I think of the crew as the nuclear farmily.  Well, our farmily is a little like the CSA box: different flavors, some familiar things and some things you may never have seen before.  Heavy on the quirk.  As Alice describes below, we spend a lot of time together and in all different conditions, so we get to know each other pretty well.  We love each other anyway.  It’s a great group.

Have a good week, juice (or not juice), and be great,


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