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Week 29 – 11/25/2013

Winter is Okra Stalks In the Field

Well, here we are.  Winter is full on us: we’re wearing long johns, hats and enough layers to practice our Hanz and Franz bits.  We harvested the last of our food this weekend before the cold hit the hardest and anything that’s left is slumped over and huddling close to the ground to keep warm.  The last day of CSA 2013: good timing.

Last day is always a mixture of feelings.  I’m looking back at what I wrote last year: Nick and Deb counting, Jen planning worm bins, Katie’s lovely and poignant explanation of what makes CSA so special, missing all the Farm Stand greetings and kids chasing Bella.  All true, there’s a little death at the end of the season. 

Pull it together people.  All true but this year I’m feeling a little less sad and a little like there’s work to do.  There are new tunnels to design, poultry shelters to build, plantings to plan, seeds to order, irrigation lines to put together, we need a new cooler, and you know that I want that piece of equipment—the bale shredder with the hydraulic top link that takes a five foot bale and discharges fifteen to thirty feet at 540 RPM and fifty feet at 1000 RPM, that one.  Got to find it.  Yes, pull it together people, there’s a Holiday Pie Order and Market, Winter Markets and 2014 Veggies to get to.  Wipe away the sniffles – or go outside, let them freeze and then knock the icicle off your nose.

So to skip the waxing poetic—or waning poetic as may be more appropriate at the end of a season—I give you the following announcements:

2014 CSA Registration.  Open Now to Returning Members – see attached email for more information.

  • CSA registration is open for returning members: veggies, eggs, flowers, chicken and bread for summer season.  More options are on the way, including meat, milk and kombucha.  Please read the email this newsletter is attached to for more information, and of course let us know if you have any questions.
  • New installment options (we know its holiday time!) – and we’re glad to make other arrangements.

Monday before Christmas: Holiday Pies and More.  12/23

Farm Stand Winter Hours – farm stand will be open this winter starting in January.  Details to come.

Tomato Sauce!

Our first tomato sauce expedition.  Remember back in July when we taste tested three recipes during Saturday pick-up?  You picked it and we canned it.  The winner is… Heirloom Tomato Basil Sauce. 

This is a simple tomato-basil sauce and goes well with pasta or bruschetta as is.  It is also (if you voted for the spicy sauce!) easily doctored with chili pepper or any other favorite spices.  I made pasta with meat sauce last night and added a cayenne pepper, browning the beef with a little cumin and chili powder.  Bella was out of her gourd begging for some. 

Signing Off

It was a very good year and that credit goes to Deb, Jen and the Farm Crew.  It also goes to you.  The Community in Community Supported Agriculture is one of the great rewards of this relationship.  All of us here just like growing food, and more specifically we like growing food for people we meet and see and get to know.  It makes a huge difference to us when you come back each week, whether you’re in and out quickly or you tell us what you did with all the squash or how you juiced the bok choi and the kids loved it.  (you did do that, didn’t you?)  That feeling extends to everyone who visits the Farm Stand, as well. 

Take care this holiday, Happy Thanksgiving, and Happy Hanukah.  We hope to see you again soon.  As always, be great.


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