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Week 26 – 11/12/2015
Next Week is Last Week, Survey Coming Soon
The end of the season is nigh.  This is week twenty six of twenty seven weeks… which makes next week, November 18, 19, 21, our final shares of 2016.  
Sign-ups for 2017 will open soon.  We’d love to hear from you about the season: things you’ve enjoyed and changes you’d like to see.  Keep an eye out for our annual survey and take a few minutes to share your thoughts.  
In Your Share
This may be our favorite time of year to pack shares.  Meals from fall veggies feel much more comforting than in summer; there’s something about roots, hot foods, and starch that make short days enjoyable.
Beets – red and gold beets are mixed.  Some like red.  Some like gold.  Some like them with sweet potatoes, squash and carrots on quinoa.  Try toasting the quinoa lightly in toasted sesame oil before adding them to water.  Bonnie has a helpful video The Humble Beet.  
Bok choi – it’s just so rewarding to grow.  Look at how white and green they are.  If you don’t feel comfortable with bok choi, try blending it into a smoothie.  Add some apples from the farm stand (apples tend to be better than other fruit for mixing with vegetables), yogurt, and other veggies as you like.  Smoothies are a great way to get your minerals and fiber in a quick drink.
Braising greens – check out Bonnie’s latest video for tips on braising, and last week’s All About section of the newsletter.  This week’s greens are tender and though the leaves are just bigger than a forkful, they can be used as a raw salad.  The mustards are tangy so try using a sweeter dressing and adding a little fruit and cheese to the salad.
Broccoli – ever try roasting broccoli with olive oil?  Not bad.  If you want to save it for winter, blanch and then pack in serving-size bags into the freezer.
Winter squash – butternut stores very well.  If you don’t use it in the next couple of weeks, it can last all winter stored at 55 degrees in a dry dark space.  But why not make soup or add to a root crop medley?
Scallions – scallions go a long way, and the entire stalk can be used, both white and green parts.  
Thyme – learn about drying and using herbs in this week’s All About section of the newsletter.  Another use for fresh herbs, add to the cavity of a turkey or chicken when baking or roasting.  Next week’s herb: sage.
Sample Thanksgiving Menu Items from Willowsford Kitchen: This week at the Farm Stand, one of our chefs will be dishing out samples of the Ginger Streusel Pumpkin Bread, Winter Squash & Apple Soup and other items from the Thanksgiving Menu, available for pre-order here.
Thank you, volunteers. On our last day of weekly volunteer hours for the 2015 season, we had a delightful group of kiddos cleaning up around the barn and can’t help but think back on all the tasks volunteers helped us with this year. From spring plantings, weeding, Japanese beetle management, mulching, harvests, more weeding, egg collecting and more, you all showed up ready to work and contributed to the essence of the Farm Garden and spirit of our community. Thank you! And we hope to see you again in the spring.
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