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Week 25 – 11/6/2015
In Your Share
We have a beautiful box this week and we hope you do something special with it.  The carrots are out of the ground fresh and real snacking carrots.  Cook with them yes, but put them in your lunch boxes raw and whole.  These are Bugs Bunny carrots.  For best storage, take the green tops off – they have no real use other than the cool factor (that’s right, carrot tops are cool); snap them off where the green meets the orange as they will just transpire moisture from the root. Put them in the crisper of your fridge.
Red Kuri and Red Kubocha squash (they look and act alike, with only slightly different shape) have sweet orange flesh and bake and roast very well.  You can slice in half and bake in two pieces, or cut into slices and bake flat on a baking sheet.  All hard squash cut easier if you microwave them for a few minutes first.
Tendersweet cabbage also wants to be kept in the fridge.  This is a, well, tender and sweet variety. Check out Bonnie’s video this week for tips on braising vegetables and try it with the cabbage.Take part, cut it finely, and add it to a salad. And take another part and put on top of tacos instead of lettuce.  It’s really that tender.  And sweet.
Lemongrass you’ve gotten before.  Put it in the fridge or freezer, or even leave it out.  I like to make a loose knot with it and hang in in the kitchen.  It’s always better fresh but I still use the long leaves for tea (I chop them up but you could use them whole).  The bottom is for flavoring curry or other SE Asian dishes.  If your kids aren't there yet, just take the whole shebang and ball it up, then stuff a roasting chicken with it.  The lemongrass in the chicken cavity will infuse the meat with a subtle but real flavor.  CSA member Charmaine S is an expert at this and will share tips.
Garlic and spinach.  Haha, enough said.  A clove a day.  Popeye likes this spinach raw as a salad or cooked lightly. Don’t overcook it; it has a fine texture.  Celebrate it.
The jar in your share this week: strawberry preserves.  Made in Willowsford Kitchen with our own strawberries.  No sugar added, it’s sweet and natural on its own.  We love this stuff.  Please tell us what you think.  It is available at the Farm Stand and makes a great gift.
Last and only for effect, that’s a Daikon radish in your share this week.  Daikon is traditionally used in Japan and Korea for kimchi and pickling.  This is a serious root vegetable but only because of its size. We picked the small ones. Slice it up and make spicy french fries for dipping in BBQ sauce.  Add it in small pieces and small amounts to various dishes through the week.  Easiest may be to dice and roast with carrots, leftover turnips, cabbage, garlic, and those beets you didn’t use from last week.  
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