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Week 22 – 10/31/2012
Hello CSA Members,
Rain! We will be harvesting with flippers, harpoons, and scuba gear. Fresh from the C this week: carrots, cabbage, and celery. And white sweet potatoes, an Eastern Shore variety named White Hamon. Love these (grammatically, that’s an imperative). Bake these as you would a normal sweet potato (fork, drizzle olive oil, bake at 350 until they give way to a fork and start to caramelize). Taste and be amazed, and tell us what you think.
This week’s cabbage is a “savoy”, which refers to the crinkly leaves. It has a tender inside and is not as dense as the green and the red coming in the next couple of weeks. Carrots are just coming of age. They have a good carroty taste and will get sweeter the colder it gets, like most of our fall crops. The celery is smaller than you might buy at the supermarket, but has great flavor and crunch. You can see it in the deep green of the stems and leaves. And who uses a whole head of celery anyway?
Also, onions are on the side this week – please take if you’d like. You’ll see they’ve sprouted, but we think this is actually a bonus:
you get chives and onions in the same package. These are the last of our red onions; they are pungent, strong, and will make you weep.
We also have honey for sale at the farm stand. This is our own honey, the hard work of the honey bees that live here and their keeper, John Bennett. John is a neighbor and CSA member.
John tells you about our bees and honey below…
Be great,
The honey produced by our honey bees begins as nectar in flowers across our farm and neighborhood. All our foraging bees are ladies who search out nectar sources, tell all their friends and gather all they can. Our honey bees collect, process, concentrate, and store this precious liquid in wax comb and, in so doing, create a sweet energy source they share with us.
No two years provide the same rainfall, temperatures, or even available sunlight; therefore, no two flower seasons are identical. Golden, white, light or dark amber, each harvest is unique in color, flavor, aroma, and intensity. Our ladies are therefore documenting a point in history for you to savor. We invite you to smell, taste, and enjoy what these wonderful creatures have recorded for us.
There is much controversy in the honey markets today leaving many of us concerned about the purity, authenticity, and even the safety of the “honey” products available to us. At Willowsford Farm, we promise our honey is never heated, altered, or contaminated in any way. Our honey is as the bees prepared it with the exception that we lightly filter it as we extract it from the comb. It contains the unique flavors of our flowers and even the pollen our ladies gathered from Willowsford Farm.
Our honey is as natural as you can be and still have your shoes on.
*As with all honey, do not feed to infants under the age of 18 months.
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