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Week 21 – 9/30/2013

Important – Saturday Pick-up at The Boat House

Reminder that this Saturday is Taste of Willowsford.  This year the event takes place at the Lodge community center in The Greens village of Willowsford, near the intersection of Braddock Road and Lightridge Road.  This is the community’s big Fall event and an opportunity to show people what we’re doing.  This year we’ll be highlighting the Farm and will be taking the Farm Stand Show on the road.  CSA shares will come, too and will be waiting for you at The Boat House Information Center, 41025 Willowsford Lane, Aldie, VA 20105. 

We’re excited about the event and hope you’ll come.  Not only are we supplying veggies for the food (did I mention there is free food?), our partner vendors are supplying much of the rest – ice cream, dairy, cheese, beef and lamb, kombucha, whoopie pies…  We’re very proud of the connections we’re making between the Farm and all of our community efforts. 

So come to points south this Saturday.  There will be music, food, kids’ activities, adult activities, goats and chickens, and all the usual CSA and Farm Stand items.

Please let us know by Wednesday noon if travel to The Boat House will be a hardship, we will do our best to make alternative arrangements.

In the Share This Week

Roughage is back.  Bok choi, kale, salad fixings, turnip greens… We’re working through our last planting of tomatoes, and as happens this time of year tomatoes may be small and slow to ripen.  Green and just coloring tomatoes, which you may see in your share, are great for frying.  Bonnie’s late season tomato secret: if they don’t have summer-time flavor, add a little salt or sugar.

Also, first week of sweet potatoes.  If you dug them on September 22 then you know they come in all sizes – big honkers to little fingerling spudsy sweetness.  Whatever size you get over the next weeks, love them.  We wrote about sweet potatoes in depth last year (you can read here in Week 16 and here in Week 17). The short of it is: they are an outstanding, historical plant to grow and to eat.  Try them raw sometime; I did a simple search for “raw sweet potato recipes” and there are many.  A good raw recipe will be especially handy for one of those big two pounders – just cut it up using your preferred tools and forget about baking and refrigerating.  Sweet potatoes want to be stored in the pantry or basement, about 50-60 degrees, dry and dark for the longest storage, they can last as long as a year that way.

Cider at the Farm Stand This Weekend

We expect to have fresh apple cider at the Farm Stand starting this Saturday.  The gallons and half-gallons of cider come from southern Pennsylvania, just up Route 15.  This is good cider.  It is flash pasteurized with no additives – because it has no preservatives, it will eventually get fizzy, which is not the same as getting bad.  We’ll have cider in three sizes: gallons, half-gallons and quarts.
This week’s quarts will be from a different orchard, coming from the only certified organic orchard in the region, Oyler’s Organic Farm.  Organic orcharding is remarkably difficult in the humid Mid-Atlantic, and that challenge will be reflected in the price.  We will stock it if you want it – please let us know!

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