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Week 21 – 10/5/2016

Potatoes this week: French Fingerling.  French Fingerling is a large fingerling potato with a silky red skin and creamy white flesh.  They roast well and that skin holds the potato together.  If you haven’t used one of the winter squashes from the last few weeks, try roasting with the potatoes and beets, even an onion.  Roasting at high temperature sweetens these veggies, and a little rosemary brings out their savory flavors.  After roasting, put them on top of the salad greens.  They’re a spicy mix and will like the sweet; try a sweet creamy dressing.  You’ve heard it before, but a creamy maple garlic dressing will blow it up: part mayo (seriously), maple syrup, minced garlic, salt to taste, and a touch of water to get whatever consistency you desire.  Careful on the water, you don’t want it too runny.

We are thrilled (Deb is thrilled; Mike doesn’t use the word Thrilled, he’s participating in the Announce part) to announce some new things for sale at the Farm Stand this week:

  • Willowsford Farm Tomato Sauce (16 ounce jar): $7.99 – great gifts and great on spaghetti!
  • Willowsford Farm Chickens (whole birds): $4.50/lb – these are some of our largest, tenderest birds yet
  • Willowsford Farm Hats (100% organic cotton WHILE SUPPLIES LAST): Free with Farm Stand purchases over $50; available for purchase for $19.99.

Be great,

Mike, Deb, Al, Lex, Anya, Jennifer, James, Christy, Tyler, Kay, Sonya, Julia, Kelly, Bella and Radish, goats x 11, the Willowsford Mudhens, meat chickens in the freezer, Roscoe RIP and Popcorn in his new kicks: Air Mags with power laces.  Power laces, alright.

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