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Week 20 – 9/24/2013

Potluck – Great to See You and Thank Yous

Thank you to all who came to the fall potluck and sweet potato dig.  Over a thousand pounds of sweet potatoes picked!  Over a hundred chickens picked up!  We all had a lot of fun and each fun has special thanks attached:

Farm Hand Finger Painting and Picture Making – thank you Elizabeth and Chermaine for organizing!

Music – did you know the lead singer of Ballad’ve, Margaret, is sister of Tom Wasaff, resident and Farm Volunteer Extraordinaire?  Great music for the afternoon.

Sweet potato dig – we brought in over a thousand pounds of sweet potatoes.  Thanks to you all!  Great work – and much appreciated by the farm.  We’ll be digging most of the week if you want more… they will be in shares as they cure over the next couple of weeks.

Food – everyone!  Several people asked about the Delicata squash wedges.  Check out the Wavering’s recipe below.

In the share this week – yep, we’re moving back to cooler weather crops.  Radishes: cook them up and eat with ketchup, or add to salad mix.  With a warming dressing, my recommendation of course includes garlic and maple syrup.  That dressing works great with kale, too.  And heck, try garlic and maple syrup on winter squash – you’ll see either the last of the delicatas or the first of the orange squashes.  These orange squashes have sweet, tender flesh and they are great for baking, mashing, and pies.  In fact, they can make a better pumpkin pie than most pumpkins. 

At the Farm Stand this week – Fall baked goods: time for apple crumble pie, apple tea cakes, and veggie pot pie.  Gluten-free-You’d-Never-Know-It chocolate chip cookies, too.

Fruit: we’ve got apples and kiwi berries this week.  Try these kiwis – they are bite sized, sweet and organic.  We hope to plant our own in the next weeks.  Very rare but worth it!

Apples this week are Honeycrisp, Ginger Gold, and on Saturday, Johnathans, tart, crisp baking apple.

And our veggies – in addition to things in the box, we have hot peppers, lemongrass, Egyptian spinach, Tromboncino “TB” squash… let us know if there’s something you’d like and we will harvest it special. 

The “TB” by the way, does not stand for Trom-Boncino.  “TB” stands for The Best.  This is The Best squash invented, ever.  It is dry, has real squash flavor, is the best squash ever grown.  By anyone.  Anywhere.  I added it to a steak (Mount Vernon’s Delmonico steak) I cooked up on the stove-top the other night, adding butter and shiitake mushrooms to the same pan.  Magnesium Oxide.

Points and a shout-out if you get the last joke. 

TTYL and BG,


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