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Week 18 – 9/17/2014

Fall Harvest Day and Potluck – This Sunday, 3 pm

This year we plan to celebrate Fall with another large September harvest – time to bring in the squash, sweets and white potatoes!  We will harvest ‘taters first from 3 pm – 5 pm, potluck together at 5 pm, and take a twilight tour after.  Popcorn, Camillas, and goats will be here, too, and the weather is forecast to be 80°F and sunny.

This year we’d like to highlight family and heritage dishes.  We hope you’ll bring your family’s special casserole, humitas, kuggel, ulluco stew, paella, brisket, gefilte fish, roti, risotto, Southern Maryland stuffed ham, maple candy, Smith Island Pie (seriously, someone please be from Smith Island), heck, even Canadian bacon if you’re from those parts.  Scots can wait until Thursday to decide if you are bringing bangers or haggis.

Bring family, friends, neighbors, coworkers, teammates, and random people you find on your way. 

Let us know if you plan to come!  Drop us a line, use Facebook, or see us at pickup this week.

Return of the Curry Box

Curry box: Lemongrass, hot peppers (add them whole then remove or even just barely crushed for less heat), sweet peppers, okra, onions… you could put the whole share – and any potatoes that have been piling up – into one dish this week, with a salad on the side.  Try it with an aromatic rice like Jasmine, or even over quinoa.  Lightly toasting the dry quinoa in oil (sesame oil is great for this, or even coconut oil, but any simple vegetable oil will do) will bring out a nutty flavor.

Drying Herbs and Hot Peppers

Bonnie writes all about Drying this week.  I made special note that some herbs might do better being frozen, herbs that have a lot of moisture in them like basil, mint, and chives.  Lemongrass is a funny one.  Each year I take whole stalks and tie them in a loose knot then hang them in the kitchen.  I use the leaves for tea.  But I’ve since read to either freeze the bulb part at the bottom (that’s what you put in curries and soups and other SE Asian dishes) or, better, to plant the bulb in a big pot and bring it inside – so it’s fresh over winter!  We may try this when temperatures get cold.  Drop us a line if you’d like a plant or two to grow yourself.

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