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Week 16 – 9/3/2014

While our days remind us of summer still, the mornings and evenings are guiding us towards fall. As the landscape changes from pasture green to Virginia creeper red, so too does our CSA box. Not many people list the seasonal palette as a CSA benefit, but in looking at this week’s veggies, we can clearly see September’s arrival. The colors of vegetables aide us not only in the aesthetic appreciation of good food, but internally work also to heal our off-kilter, slightly wonky, contemporary bodies. The red of our Big Beef tomatoes contain lycopene, which lowers blood pressure and supports joint health. The yellow of our bell peppers and cantaloupes contain Vitamin C, which help build us stronger bones. Our greens contain chlorophyll and fiber, helping to reduce cancer and normalize digestion. The purple okra and dark Chard leaves fight inflammation. Even the lowly white potato, often overlooked, cares for us by balancing hormones and reducing the risk of hormone related cancers. When we take time to eat mindfully, and colorfully, all this good food works to make good bodies. And fall is the time to step out into the color and feel strong.

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