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Week 15 – 8/24/2016
Mid-Season Survey
We have many new members this year and we’d like to hear how we’re doing via our one of our favorite primates, SurveyMonkey.  Please take a moment to click through, it is short and sweet.  Thank you! For the Mid-Season Survey, click here.
Okra!  Okra okra okra.
These are some fun vegetables this week, and you may need to get creative.  Any ideas?  We have a few: fried okra on the side of a roasted chicken and a salad with tomatoes and red sweet peppers.  The next night try spaghetti with a doctored sauce: add chunks of tomato, sweet peppers, basil and eggplant.  And stop by the farm stand for some hot peppers to spice things up.  Melon for dessert.  Our melons have seeds – very sorry, we know how much of a mess watermelon seeds can make, but they’re plants, and plants make seeds like animals make babies.  We believe in allowing them to live their full plant lives.  
This is Deb’s favorite way to cut watermelon: How to Quickly Cut and Serve a Watermelon.  There are some great videos on how to prepare watermelons, by the way.  Like how to skin a watermelon, or make fruit carving art.  The internet is a wondrous place.  The All About section is almost as good – see below for information on okra.
Farm Potluck, Sept 18th
Mark your calendars for Sunday afternoon and evening, September 18th.  Save the date!  We have some fun new activities as well as some plain social time to enjoy.  All are welcome.  
Be great,
Mike, Deb, Al, Lex, Jennifer, Anya, James, Christy, Valeria, Kay, Sonya, Julia and Kelly, Bella, Radish and Lila, Goats x 12, Camilla x 452, dinner chicks x 999 in the freezer, Roscoe RIP and Popcorn, in Rio dressed as Luigi.  
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