From the Farmer

Week 14 – 8/20/2014

Sweet Potato Greens:   

My first experience with growing sweet potatoes was as an apprentice in Pennsylvania. Planted in an unfenced field, we watched as many deer stuck many a hoof into the protective row cover, ripping holes large enough for their snoots to reach in and chomp the vining leaves. The plants produced starchy, delicious roots but their foliage was pillaged. A season later, my fellow PA farmer wrote a letter from Taiwan informing me that the sweet potato greens are a staple of the Taiwanese diet, and absolutely delicious! “No WONDER the deer wreaked havoc!” he wrote.  Anxious to try them, I have had to wait years to grow the plant again. Colorado’s season is too short, frost early and hard. California’s day time temperatures are steamy, but the evenings dip below 60, stunting any potential growth. Now, back in Virginia, with an entire block planted in sweet potatoes, I can happily bring home a wreath of edible leaves! Nutritious (high in Vitamin A and C) and tasty, I’ve both steamed them with okra and sautéed them with tempeh and pine nuts. A hardy but light green, I understand fully the deer’s desire!

Fat and the Moon:

I’m incredibly excited to introduce ya’ll to a new vendor available at the Farm Stand. A good friend of mine from California, Rachel Budde, is the magician behind a handcrafted, holistic body care business called Fat and the Moon. Started as a local alternative to the unsustainable, mass-produced body-care business, Fat and the Moon is now sold in 12 US states, as well as 5 different countries. We’re thrilled to add Virginia to that list! Her herbal ingredients are sourced from sustainable, small-scale growers, or wild-crafted by Rachel herself, or grown on a bountiful organic farm that sits above the Pacific Ocean, Windy Hollow Farm. Her products are not only aesthetically pleasing, but practical as well. We’ve chosen items from her line that we feel will well suit our Willowsford Community. From an herbal remedy for poison ivy to deodorant to a calm-kid mist, her line of products is fantastic! Come check out what we’ve got and feel free to ask questions as to their effectiveness! Mike’s digging the lip-and-cheek stain like no other!


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