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Week 12 – 7/29/2013

In the CSA box this week – Veggies and Pool Passes
Happy Gardening Hour – Shortened hours this week
At the Saturday Farm Stand – Tomato Sauce Tasting

Squash are in! Green zucchini, yellow crookneck, yellow and green Zephyr squash, and Patty Pan – these look like some kind of sea creature but taste much better (and you won’t die from them). We try to pick Patty Pan when they’re small and tender – the big ones look cool but generally better to stay small. Cut them up and use them like any other squash.

Peppers: Different shapes and different sizes. You may see round bells small in stature, long frying peppers, or long triangular Carmen, our favorite.  When these turn red, watch out – best flavor, best production, best best best.  You may also see a long, red pepper in your share, this is a Cayanne (moderately hot, see below).

Hot Peppers: As always, you are welcome to harvest or request any on the side at the farm stand.  If you’re looking for a certain quantity of any, drop us a line: jalapeno, Serrano, fish (voted most beautiful 9 straight years), habanero (we grow “Scotch Bonnet” very pretty, very hot.), Thai hot, little red hotties (come on, be a man), Chili Lombok, cayannes (not too hot, very good flavor, use in everything and build your tolerance). Let us know what you'd like! We grow them because we like to, but also because we want you to eat them.  Heck, you know what?  We're just going to put some in your share this week.  We'll put them in a bag so you know they're hot.

Pepper PS –  Hot pepper oils can cause discomfort – do not touch sensitive areas such as your eyes or nose after handling.  You may want to wear gloves when you handle hot peppers.

Leeks: Most leeks in the store give you an inch of white shank. The white is the part you can use. We grow them to have at least 4-6” of white. Therefore, our leeks are better than what you buy in the store. If you don’t buy them, then ours are better hands down. You should, though. They have an earthy allium family flavor well-suited for eggs and anything else. But I like to have one a day – just like garlic.


Speaking of: the garlic crop, it has been harvested and is curing in the barn, with a special thank you to the Willowsford team. The entire Willowsford staff came out to the farm on the hottest day of the year to dig, pull, sort, bundle, and set for curing. Everyone did a great job, we had a great time, and those good vibes channeled into this crop will make you happier when you consume. This is the first week you will see garlic in your shares – a very nice variety: German White. It has a good robust garlic flavor, not too hot but not wussy. Remember, you’re eating garlic and it should taste like it, so don’t buy the stuff from China (no offense to China, but come on…year after year the worst garlic in taste tests). There are 4-6 cloves in each head – each a good size and easy to peel.  What else could you ask for?  Use in everything and keep one clove in your pocket to snack on mid-date. Day, mid-day. Either way, raw is best then lightly cooked/steamed. Eat some every day. 

Greens: To be determined. If it's Swiss chard, we know you’ll recognize it. If you don’t recognize it, we’ll send you an email identifying!

Check out the ‘taters: they’re blue. All Blue. Inside and out (some may seem a little more brown on the outside, that’s okay). These are a drier potato, excellent for frying, baking and roasting, less so for mashed potatoes. They would turn kinda grey if you mash them, anyway. Have your kids wash ‘em and even peel them, the blue is beautiful!

Beans are on vacation this week, use up any you haven’t yet.

Additional items are available to order this week, either at the Farm Stand or through our online store. Lemongrass, okra, melon, cilantro, onions, milk, bread, cheese and more. Please note: The deadline for orders for Wednesday pick-up is Tuesday at 5:00 pm and for Saturday pick-up is Thursday at 5:00pm. Baked goods are available on Saturdays only and the deadline to pre-order is midnight on Wednesdays.


For non-resident CSA members – also in your shares this week!

The folks at Willowsford (the very same who harvested this week’s garlic!) would like to thank you for being CSA members and supporting the growth of the Farm and extended community/farmily, and has provided us with a free pool pass for each CSA member (and up to six guests). Enjoy one day at either of our pools – the Lodge Pool in The Greens off of Braddock Road or the Sycamore Pool in The Grange, across from the Farm Stand.  The pass is valid from now until Labor Day 2013.

We will have them at the Farm Stand and at the Boat House for you pick up when you sign in – please take one card per family.


Our usual Happy Gardening Hour hours will be shortenedending at 5:30pm – this week in light of the Summer Berry Festival. As always, there will still be plenty of weeding and fun for our volunteers, but this week the berries will be reserved for the sold-out event.


Bottling a Taste of Summer. Willowsford will be producing its own tomato sauce and we need your help choosing the recipe! Stop by the Farm Stand this Saturday, 10:00 am – 2:00 pm, to taste three delicious tomato sauces and vote for your favorite. The winning recipe will be used for the inaugural bottling. The tomato sauce will be for sale at the Farm Stand starting in September.

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