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Week 11 – 7/30/2014

In Your Share this Week

Leeks!  Potatoes!  Carrots!  This cool weather has me wanting soup.  We’re seeing a slowdown in our tomatoes this week but think things will pick up again soon, with new plantings that look full of fruit.  We’ll give you what we’ve got.  Salad mix hits a slow patch this week too and it looks like we’ll have limited amounts at the Farm Stand, but not enough to add to shares.  Forgive us these indiscretions!  We will atone with melons of the cantaloupe or water variety.  And cilantro and a little basil for flavoring.

At the Farm Stand – Great time for Canning Fresh!  Sweet Corn and Peaches!  Lamb Sausage!

Pickling cukes coming.  We expect to have a flush of these over the next couple weeks.  This is a good time to pickle.  Let us know if you want dill heads and we’ll bring some down to the Farm Stand.

Canning beets.  I like these for fresh eating but they’re shaped to fit in jars.  Red and beautiful and sweet.  And cylindrical, thus their name, “Cylindra.”

Okra, too.  Okra is just beginning this season.  Let us know in advance if you’d like larger quantities to pickle or can.  Otherwise we have a friend who has a mobile market in the District and they like our okra.

Fruit and corn – we’ve found a source for Virginia-grown peaches and sweet corn and we’ll have them at the Farm Stand as consistently as we can for the duration of the season.  These should both be considered “conventionally grown.”  (Fruit and sweet corn are challenging to grow organically in the Mid-Atlantic and it’s very rare to find them).   We’ll keep looking but we love these peaches.  Donut peaches rule!

Lamb – we had a great run on lamb sage sausage on Saturday.  If you didn’t get a sample you must buy a package.  Money back guarantee, 100%.  I like their chops and their ground lamb, too, but their sausage is a part of my regular breakfast regime, including: yogurt, slice of cinnamon twirl, and fried egg.  

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