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Week 10 – 7/23/2014

In Your Share this Week

Right around this time each year we write about summer greens (last year here and 8/15 and 9/5/2012 which you can find here).  In July we stop with kale and collards and get our chlorophyll from species that like it hot – amaranth, sweet potato leaves, Malabar spinach, Egyptian spinach, and Swiss chard, which for being Swiss and all is remarkably heat-tolerant.  This week’s greens are the leaves of the lovely amaranth, green with red hearts and deep burgundy.  Amaranth was a staple of the Mayans, Incas, and Aztecs and is highly nutritious.  As they get older we take their seeds, too, which you can find in some coops and health food stores – lots of unusual amino acids, protein, and vitamins and no gluten.  Your amaranth will be cut on the stalk, so try putting these in water like a bouquet of flowers, or put a damp paper towel in their bag, then in the refrigerator.

Also in your share this week, first Okra.  CSA member Gene Loughran is an Okra Apostle and waxes po’etic about it, below.  Thanks, Gene!

Have a good week and be great,


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