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Week 1 – 5/19/2014

Potluck, Newsletters, First Week of CSA, And Looking Forward…

Welcome and welcome back to the Willowsford Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.  Through CSA, you and the Farm can deepen our relationship with each other, with the food we eat, and with the land itself.

This is the first newsletter of the season and you can expect one each week. You’ll read updates from The Farm (goats just back from a gig in DC), discuss topics of interest (rain much?), and otherwise share what is happening at The Farm.  We also provide recipes and information about our produce – what it is, how to store it and how to use it. 

This year we’re going to focus on cooking techniques rather than specific veggies.  Past “All Abouts” are archived on our website, so you can still learn more about kohlrabi and Swiss chard.  I’m excited about the change – Bonnie is setting the season up with thoughts about Flavor this week: the different flavors and how they go together.  From there I think we’ll see that cooking is less about the ingredients themselves and more about putting different kinds of ingredients and tastes together in a certain way.  Enjoy the illustrations by CSA member, resident, and Illustrator extraordinaire Charmaine Smith.

This Saturday at The Farm Stand

Culinary Director Bonnie Moore demonstrates the use and mixing of flavors. Flavor underpins everything we do in a kitchen; one of the keys to great cooking is putting the right ones together. This demonstration, based on the All About Flavor in this week's newsletter, is the foundation for the CSA season. Come visit The Farm Stand this Saturday!

This Sunday – CSA Potluck, 4 pm – 7 pm

Join us at The Farm this Sunday for a spring farm potluck.  Farm tour, food, and time to relax and meet your CSA neighbors. We’ll eat, we’ll socialize, we’ll climb on stationary tractors, and walk the farm as you like. As last year, this is a casual event: make or bring a dish, make or bring your family and friends, and make or bring a game or musical instrument if you like. Please don’t make or bring pets. Rain or shine.  This year we’d like to try sharing recipes – if you like, bring yours.  We can compile and share with the CSA after.

RSVP!  Let us know if you plan to attend – what you think you’ll bring (main course, side dish, dessert, drinks, etc.) and how many of you in children and adults.  Drop us a line at, or call the farm hotline:  571-297-6900.

Directions: The Farm is located behind The Farm Stand on Founders Drive. Please park across the street from The Farm Garden in the pool lot.  The Farm Loop Trail takes you past the garden and up to The Farm.  If you need to park closer or drop off something heavy, The Farm driveway is off of Founders at the bottom of the garden – take your next right turn and follow the gravel up to the barn.  However, the road has washed out in the recent rains, so please park and we’ll send a vehicle down to load the heavy things into.

This Year at The Farm

Last year the first reflection was about settling into The Farm as a new home.  This year we keep on trucking.  There are many things to talk about this season: cultivating more ground, growing more vegetables, raising chickens for the freezer as well as for eggs (check out the freezer at The Farm Stand!), hosting a new bee business, starting mushroom logs, experimenting with new growing methods, converting a tractor from the 1940s to battery power (can we go solar?), new CSA shares, buying new equipment (my favorite topic)… we’ll tell you all about them.

In Your Box

In your box this week are the first of the spring things. Spring boxes will undoubtedly be “lighter” than later on in the season, this is a natural part of CSA and this year a function of a cool, wet spring.  Greens, salad greens, herbs, bok choi… after a winter of storage crops and long-distance shipping, we start craving fresh chlorophyll. Boxes will start getting more robust as things warm and the strawberries come on in the next weeks.  There’s also a non-eating item in your share this week!  We’ll let you guess which one.

That’s all for now – thanks for reading!  Next week: farm team introductions, The Farm Stand, All About your Pantry, and more. 

Until then, be great.


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