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Thank You for Your Understanding

I wanted to take a moment to apologize again for our strawberry shortage this season. As Deb may have mentioned to some of you, in addition to the uncooperative Spring weather, and the fact that our new field of berries is located on a separate property, we lost Mike Snow and Alex Restaino this season, two incredibly valuable assets to this operation. Currently we are operating without them and working as hard as we can to fill in the gaps until we can find the right people to replace them. Thank you all so much for hanging in there with us. Your support means the world and we want to do everything possible to ensure that your vegetables are healthy, nutritious, and tasty, and that your experiences on the farm are joyful, educational, and fulfilling.

When I was beginning to farm, I approached growing vegetables rather simply – as an opportunity to be outside, enjoy nature, and learn physical skills like carpentry and tractor operation, but over the years my involvement with the organic farming community has deepened my relationship with agriculture. I suddenly found myself studying the history of agricultural policy, the contemporary structure of food systems, and the philosophy behind organic growing practices. I wanted to know why the food system in the United States exists the way it does now and what we can do to positively change the way we raise, sell, and eat food. My experience and research cultivated a set of values within me that I didn’t know existed. I learned that I believe in providing and facilitating the opportunity for people to connect with the land and how food is grown. I believe that this connection fosters not only the health of us as individuals but the health of the community as a whole and of the land that we live on. Willowsford is such a wonderful example of how a community can come together to support this kind of healthy lifestyle and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to contribute here.

Thanks again and be well,


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