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The Perfectly Simple Radish

The China Rose radish is one of the oldest heirloom varieties from that family, traveling east to Europe with returning Jesuit missionaries in the 1850s, and from there spreading to North America. They are beautifully and vividly colored, firm, full with the balance of sweet and snap. Emily Horton, writing for the Washington Post, calls radishes “one of the most convincing arguments for eating seasonally”, as did the late, great James Beard.
In New York City, there is a little restaurant called Prune (thankfully, the restaurant name is not taken from a dish on the menu). If you’re looking for a good fireside read this winter, I’ll loan you my copy of Chef Gabrielle Hamilton’s memoir “Blood, Bones, and Butter”. She’s been at the helm of Prune for almost two decades, and one thing that has remained constant is the appetizer of radishes, butter, and salt. It may sound overly simple, but these three ingredients play perfectly together on a plate in a way that makes food writers wax poetic. It’s one of my favorite examples of how a great vegetable, piece of fruit, or cut of meat, needs only the most basic supporting cast to shine. I didn’t know what I was missing, until I tried radishes with butter and salt at Prune.
If you’re in the mood to read a beautifully written essay on radishes, heat a mug of cider and try this article: “The Surprise of the Winter Radish” by Emily Horton

Then read Chef Hamilton’s ode to her classic appetizer: The Wonder of Three Ingredients.

After that, come see us at the Farm Stand. We’ve got everything but the salt!

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