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Maybe you are a die-hard believer in the benefits of pasture-raised livestock, or maybe you just like the taste of Willowsford bacon. Either way, we want you to know what exactly you’re bringing to your table when you buy pork raised on Willowsford Farm. Our pigs are livin’ large, in a huge fenced pasture with free access to both shelter and natural landscape. We order them special non-GMO feed, and supplement it with leftover veggies, fruit, and other goodies from the Farm and Farm Stand. They are given tons of love and attention, but never hormones or antibiotics! Their environment here with us allows them to engage in their natural patterns of movement and behavior. These practices, particularly the diversity of their diets, make pastured meat demonstrably healthier for human consumption. The nutritional breakdown of pork raised in settings like ours versus large-scale ‘feedlot’ operations shows that pasture changes the fat quality of the meat, specifically the percentage of beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. Perhaps most importantly, we raise our pigs while constantly honoring our responsibility as stewards and caretakers. Whether it’s the flavor, the nutrition, or the ethics that bring you to our market, we’re certain you’ll love Willowsford pork as much as we love the chance to share it with you.

Stop by the Farm Stand for our signature sausages or a juicy roast! We have a great selection right now of cuts of all kinds. If you’re  interested in stocking up before winter, our custom packed Bulk Orders are the perfect opportunity (email farm@willowsfordfarm.com for more info).

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