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A Connection with the Land

About Us

Our farm is the product of a forward-thinking County “transition zone,” innovative design and a creative community development team.  We hope we are a model for future development that integrates a residential community, functioning ecosystem services and viable, people-oriented agriculture.  The big picture is demonstrating that healthy people and healthy land can coexist symbiotically in a working landscape.

The farm is one aspect of the Willowsford Conservancy’s land-management program.  In this relationship, the community developer has invested in the farm so that it will become self-supporting through sales of what we produce.  We are open to the public and welcome all to the farm.

In conjunction with Willowsford Conservancy, the Willowsford HOA and other partners, we also try to make it easier for community members to eat healthy. 

We think facilitating good experiences is the best way to cultivate lifestyles that have a positive impact on personal and community health, and land, air and water.  We do this by selling fresh and intentionally grown food; by hosting events, tastings and cooking classes to encourage creative use of that food; by offering prepared foods; and through fun and educational activities to get kids and adults outside, to the farm, and into the kitchen.

Let us know if you have any questions, we’re glad to share our experience.

Willowsford Farm

  • To support our community with fresh, high quality food
  • To keep our land open, accessible, and productive
  • To enhance the environmental and agricultural resources of Willowsford and our watershed
  • To serve as a social and educational resource for the community; and to encourage everyone to make healthy lifestyle choices, particularly in regard to the food we eat, our relationships with our home, and the activities we participate in
  • To make a connection between how we treat our land and the health of those who inhabit it, and to serve as a model for other developments.

"For anyone looking to eat locally, this is a deliciously great opportunity that shouldn't be missed! You forget how wonderful food can taste until you experience the freshness that a local farm can provide. And it is obvious that Mike and his crew take pride in the products they are growing. They have done a fabulous job of bringing fresh veggies back to the table for our family. Thank you!"

Willowsford Conservancy

41025 Willowsford Lane, Aldie, VA 20105

Phone: 571-440-2400

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Willowsford Farm Stand

23595 Founders Drive, Ashburn, VA 20148

Phone: 571-297-6900

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