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Kitchen Notes

For the uninitiated, “short” cake is a sweet biscuit that is cut in half and topped with fruit and whipped cream.  You can also make a savory “short” cake. I think what sets it apart is that short cake is served warm from the oven.

Basic Ingredients

To make “short” cake you just need some basic baking ingredients: flour, sugar, baking soda, butter and buttermilk. Lately I’ve been using half flour and half Woodson’s Mill Yellow Cornmeal. For the topping, go with what’s in season. In the summer, use strawberries, raspberries, blueberries or stone fruit. In the fall, try apples or pears. Use heavy cream from a local, organic dairy, not only does it taste far better, it whips up to be thicker and more luscious.

Easy Steps

Get your filling ready – peel and chop fruit, sprinkle it with a touch of sugar and let it sit for several hours in the fridge. The sugar softens the fruit and draws out the juices.

Tasty Combinations

  • Shortcakes with strawberries and cream
  • Shortcakes with raspberries and peaches
  • Parmesan shortcakes with summer squash and basil
  • Gingerbread shortcakes with apples

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