Cooking Techniques

Ice Cream

Basic Ingredients

Eggs, cream, whole milk and sugar are the foundations for ice cream. Vanilla, chocolate, fruit, herbs, citrus, spices, and liquor are all delectable additions. There are lots of excellent, affordable ice cream makers to choose from that churn out terrific, homemade ice cream.

Easy Steps

Start with a custard base of egg yolks, sugar and dairy because it’s flexible – you can make it richer or lighter depending on whether you use whole milk, half and half or heavy cream. If you want fruit in your ice cream wait until the custard is frozen in the ice cream maker before stirring in the fruit. Plan to eat the ice cream within a few days because the fruity bits become unpleasantly frosty. If you want to infuse flavors into your ice cream add the aromatics –mint, citrus zest, vanilla, cinnamon, lavender etc. – to the milk or cream and steep it. Think of it like brewing tea, some flavors take longer to develop than others. Add liquid flavorings and anything you want to spike the ice cream with once the custard comes off the heat. Alcohol doesn’t freeze so you can’t add limitless quantities, sadly.

Tasty Combinations

  • Buttermilk, Lavender and Vanilla
  • Brown Sugar, Peach and Catoctin Creek Rye
  • Willowsford Farm Honey, Melon and Basil
  • Pumpkin, Maple Syrup and Pecans

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