Protect, Maintain and Promote


Willowsford Conservancy, a 501(c) 4 non-profit organization, is the long-term steward of 2,000 acres of open space, progressively dedicated to the Conservancy as the community develops.

It includes a 300-acre sustainable farm, more than 30 miles of nature trails, campsites, forests, meadows and wetlands that support diverse native wildlife and vegetation.

The Conservancy Mission

The Willowsford Conservancy mission is to protect, maintain, and promote the viable, long-term use of the land, integrating farming, recreation, conservation and education to enhance the quality of life for the residents of Willowsford and the greater community.

Guiding Principles
Respect for the Land

Considering our community’s impacts on the land: on soil, water, vegetation, wildlife and on whole natural systems; celebrating local materials and human resources and utilizing appropriate technologies realizing a positive, regenerative effect on the land through all asects of our operations, including land use and agricultural production shelter and structures, materials use, energy and human resources.

Who We Are

Creating an authentic sense of place and shared purpose by connecting people to the land and to each other through cultural, artistic, musical, recreational, culinary and social programs, activities, and services that enhance the lifestyle within, and contribute to the betterment of, Willowsford and the surrounding community.

Health and Recreation
Go Play Outside

Inspiring and promoting a healthy lifestyle through engaging outdoor recreational opportunities and activities to enrich mind, body, and spirit while enhancing lifelong learning.

Love of Nature

Creating programs that help foster a passion and commitment to the conservation of wildlife and natural habitats ensuring that they can be appreciated by future generations.

Quality and Integrity
Being Great

Striving to do our best and be our best in all that we do, and to produce high quality, safe products, events, and interactions; creating an outstanding work and play environment that cultivates safe, friendly, and ethical practices based on respect and dignity.


Teaching, modeling and sharing ideas about ecological literacy, food literacy, historical literacy, social literacy and other tools for critical thinking, to cultivate engaged citizens and community members.

Good Food

Supporting our community with food that is fresh, clean and healthy and that tastes great. Integrating the farm into the fabric of Willowsford to serve as a social and educational resource for the community.

The Long Haul

Placing high value on ecological and social health and recognizing that economic viability is a critical precursor to success.

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