Willowsford Wildlife – Beavers at Work

April 24, 2019 5:00 pm

Venue: Cedar Pond Pavilion- The Greens

Join Willowsford Conservancy Ranger Andrew Richardson for a field exploration of the beavers’ habitat in The Greens. We will meet at Cedar Pond Pavilion for a brief presentation about beavers and their habitat, then take a short hike (15 min) to Beaver Dam Pond to watch the beavers in action.

Beavers are nature’s ecosystem engineers. Their work damming up streams creates ponds and wetlands that other animals rely on. The wetlands store water and slow down rain runoff that is absorbed into the ground. Beaver dams retain sediment and filter the water flowing down-stream, improving water quality. This, in return, increases aquatic and amphibious life in the stream and develops overall greater biodiversity of flora and fauna.

  • Please dress for the weather and wear hiking shoes, and a rain coat if needed.
  • Bring a camera and binoculars.
  • Limit: up to 26 people 5 and older.
  • Rain date: May 1st
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