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Frequently Asked Questions
I don’t live in Willowsford. Can I still participate in the CSA?

Yes! The farm is open to everyone. We offer pickup sites in both Ashburn, Leesburg, and Aldie to connect with members throughout the community.

Is the vegetable CSA right for our family? What size share should we get?

Is it important to you that your produce be fresh, local, and grown using organic practices? Are you interested in eating seasonally? Do you enjoy a simplified shopping experience that may help your budget without sacrificing quality?

Yes? Try CSA! We offer a Personal Share portioned for singles, couples, or families that eat fewer vegetables, as well as a Family Size Share designed to meet the average vegetable needs of households with 3 to 5 people.

Do you like to cook or want to learn to cook more creatively? Are you excited to taste new things?

Yes? Try adding our new Adventurous Eating CSA Share to your membership, and let us introduce you to our favorite interesting, unusual, and heirloom veggies. Due to limited quantities, most of these items will only be available for CSA, not retail. This share is not based on quantity or portions; think of it as a weekly surprise and a way to add variety to your staple share.

Do you eat out often or not like to cook? Do you travel frequently? Do you have just a few favorite vegetables? Do you prefer to shop for specific ingredients to match your meal plan or recipe?

Yes? Sign up for the Farm Stand Debit program, a re-loadable prepaid debit card. Then visit our Farm Stand and shop a la carte.

Don’t forget to add a subscription for our incredible Farm eggs to your CSA basket!

Why should I consider a Meat, Milk, or Flower Share?

Willowsford Farm currently produces our own vegetables, eggs, and pastured pork. We take pride in connecting you with other small farms that grow with the same dedication to their land, crops, and animals that we do.  Just as our CSA program helps us plan for the year and maximize our resources by matching production to demand, it offers the same benefits to these partner farms while furthering our mission to support access to local and environmentally sustainable products within our community. By offering shares in products from other farms, we make it easier for you to shop, and eat, local. At times, items in these partner shares are available at the Farm Stand for purchase, but a CSA share guarantees your access to your favorite grocery staples.

Can I choose what I get in my share?

Yes! We use an online program called “Harvie” to help us administer our CSA shares. When you sign up, you’ll give us feedback on every crop we have planned for the season. These preferences will be saved in your account, and Harvie’s unique algorithms will match our harvest lists each week with your profile to create a customized share that’s right for you. Anything you tell us you don’t want to try will be automatically excluded from your shares. Of course, the more produce you rate favorably, the more variety you’ll enjoy. You’ll also have an opportunity before your pick-up each week to log in, check what produce we have set aside for you, and make additions or changes based on your plans for the week. With just a few clicks, your share can include any crops that are ripe and ready to harvest!

At this time, only vegetable shares are customizable. Our Pastured Meat shares remain “Farmer’s Choice” and are based on availability. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!

If I know I am going to miss a pick-up, what are my options? Can I get my share at another location or time?

We take pride in the customer service that accompanies our CSA. It is our goal to make the CSA model accessible to everyone, and we know that means providing options for busy schedules. We have five pickup times across three locations, so there are alternatives when you need them! We’re always happy to assist a friend or family member in picking up your share on your behalf. Our CSA software also allows you to hold deliveries for vacation plans and make one-time changes to your pickup date or site before the CSA week begins, such as moving your pickup at the Farm Stand from Tuesday evening to Saturday morning. We have great online support through our CSA platform, and the Willowsford Farm team is always here to help.

As stated in our member agreement, CSA is a two-way commitment between the Farm and our shareholders. We cannot provide refunds or reimbursements for missed shares. Because we know our distribution schedule covers a time when many families choose to enjoy a vacation, we also offer deferment of a share in exchange for a double share at a later date.

You may also decide when you have a conflict to allow us to donate your share to a local food bank on your behalf. We love knowing our veggies will be enjoyed by those who may not always have easy access to fresh produce!

What if I still miss my pick-up?

In the event that you miss your pickup without advance notice, please contact our staff. We will direct you to visit the Farm Stand during the same week as your missed share, where will we assist you with gathering a “make-up” share from any CSA items that we also have available for retail sale. Under these circumstances, we cannot guarantee specific items or quantities. Substitutions will be made solely at the discretion of our staff, and only for other items grown at Willowsford Farm. After the conclusion of the CSA week, we are no longer able to provide “make-up” shares.

When feasible, we may agree, at your request, to box a missed share and provide  it for pick-up outside the operating hours of the Farm Stand and/or  CSA pickups. This service will incur a $7 convenience fee, billed to your member account, and is available only when deemed compatible with Farm operations.


Can I change my pick-up more than once?

We do our very best to accommodate permanent change requests as long as there is room in our delivery vehicles and at the pick-up site.  Availability is not guaranteed.

While temporary changes are available to accommodate unexpected changes in your schedule, we ask that you make them only when necessary. Because we harvest fresh for each CSA pickup, shares are spread over the week to balance crop production. Crops like beans, melons, and tomatoes won’t produce more on Wednesdays than on Saturdays!

If you need to make a one-time change for a single week, you can do so using the account you created when you purchased your share. Online changes must be made prior to the beginning of the CSA week. Changes arranged via email with our staff will be accommodated to the extent of our capabilities when requested with 24 hours advance notice.

What is a “bi-weekly” share schedule?

Bi-weekly pickups offer a full share every other week. We currently offer this option for our eggs and frozen pastured meats, as these items are less perishable and consumption quantities can vary widely between households.

What is Farm Stand Debit?

Farm Stand Debit is a way to participate in Community Supported Agriculture, but with more flexibility in choice and pick-up hours. Debit cards can be used at the Farm Stand to purchase everything we sell. Every time you make a purchase, we will deduct the amount from your card. This is a nice complement to a CSA share, but also great for those who travel heavily throughout the season. You do not need to be a regular CSA member to participate in the program.

Please note, the Farm Stand is a seasonal market, open only from May-November each year. Farm Stand debit funds must be redeemed in the calendar year of purchase, and any balance remaining when the Farm Stand closes does not rollover to the following spring.

Can I get a refund if I cancel?

Joining our CSA secures your spot for the entire growing season, a spot that we could have otherwise given to a member on our waiting list. Your purchase of a share is your commitment to the farm, which is just as important as ours to you. Please read our Member Agreement carefully and ask any questions you may have before signing up. One of the many reasons we love CSA is that we are able to dedicate our time to caring for crops during the season, knowing they have been purchased and will be enjoyed!

Can I purchase other items when I pick up my CSA share?

If you pick up your share at the farm stand, then yes, of course! If you pick up at one of our other locations, no, we do not currently deliver any additional retail items to drop sites. We recognize that many of you are interested in this option, and we will remain open to the possibility if the right framework becomes available.

Are CSA members able to pick their own produce at the farm?

Our team of trained and talented farmers do all the picking for your shares. We do plan a limited number of volunteer opportunities throughout the year that may or may not include harvesting duties; stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram accounts for more details. There are, however, pick-your-own beds of herbs and berries in the Farm Garden!

What do I do with all these veggies?

Check out our recipe, blog and ‘All About’ pages!

What are your CSA Member Policies?

Willowsford Farm CSA Membership
2018-2019 Policies and Agreement

Thank you for joining and welcome to Willowsford Farm!

By joining our CSA program, you acknowledge and understand that Willowsford Farm will act in good faith to provide a weekly share of produce for approximately 25 weeks, from mid-May to late-November. It is our work to turn sunlight, seeds, and soil into an abundance of fresh and nutritious food that tastes good, and we work diligently to ensure its availability.

By joining our CSA program, you agree to share in the rewards and the risks inherent to farming – this is the nature of the endeavor, and is part of the close relationship you have with your food through the farm. There are always risks in farming and there is no guarantee of the exact amount or type of produce you will receive for your share. Some crops may never be planted or may die due to forces or conditions beyond our control.

We generally plant enough of a given vegetable to make it available in normal amounts during the time of year that vegetable is in season in our climate. There are many factors that allow us to offer more or less of a vegetable in a given week: convention, weather and Mother Nature, time, space, and labor availability. So the amount and the variety of harvest will vary depending on the season and conditions, favoring different crops at different times of year. Some crops are available for only a few weeks a year, while others may be available for many weeks in succession. The Farm chooses what goes into a share each week based on what is ripe and ready to harvest. This is part of the fun of growing and eating seasonally with CSA!


We are likewise committed to and responsible for providing eggs and all other share options during the season stated at purchase. For items that we do not produce ourselves, we are responsible for making them available during that share’s season. We promise transparency and reliability in bringing these items to you!



CSA is a commitment.  Please be prepared to come and pick up your share every week during the growing season!  Of course, if you can’t make it one week please arrange for a friend or neighbor to pick up your share.


You agree to pick up your weekly share available as assembled each week at your designated day, time, and location for the length of the season.

* Because we harvest fresh for each pickup day and harvests are balanced through the week, the number of shares available on a given pickup day is limited. Please understand that there are limited numbers of shares for each pickup day, and likewise that you are agreeing to pick up your share on your designated day for the length of the season.  We do our best to ensure your pickup time matches your preference but cannot guarantee your choice of pickup day. These will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis via the online sign-up process.



Please provide us with at least one email address so that we can stay in contact throughout the season.  This is important!  Email communication allows us to share important information about your shares, the farm and Farm Stand, and the community.

You agree to read and to stay informed through all of our CSA newsletters and private emails.  Important and vital information will be marked as “Important”.  Please add us to your address book to protect our communication from spam filters.



By joining the Willowsford Farm CSA you agree to follow these guidelines:

  • I will observe pick-up times. I understand that shares are not available until the specified pick-up time, and likewise, will not be available after the pick-up window has closed.
  • I can only defer and “double up” on a share once per season, with written communication to the farm prior to 9 AM Monday of the week I wish to defer.
  • I understand advance changes to my pick-up schedule may be made online through my account prior to the start of the CSA week, and up to 24 hours in advance of my pickup by emailing the farm. I understand that accommodations will be made to the best of the farm’s ability, at their discretion, and are not guaranteed.
  • If I cannot make a pick-up, I understand I may send a friend or neighbor in my place, or use the hold feature in my online account to forfeit the share. Forfeited shares will be donated to Loudoun Interfaith Relief or to the Dulles South Food Pantry. Forfeited shares will not be refunded.
  •  I will sign in before gathering my share(s) and make sure anyone who picks up my share for me is aware of this policy.
  •  I understand and agree that failure to retrieve my share(s) during the designated time for the week will not result in a refund; my subscription is nonrefundable.
  • I understand that once purchased, my subscription may not be cancelled.
  • I understand that there will be a $7.00 convenience fee if my request to pick up my share outside of market and CSA hours after missing a pickup is granted.





Name: ________________________



At Willowsford Farm, we respect your privacy absolutely. You have our word that we will not sell, barter, give away, or rent out your personal information.


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