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Farm Partners

At the Farm Stand, we supplement our vegetables, fruits and herbs with offerings from other local farms and food artisans. Below is a little background on each of our partners.


Jesse Straight and his family raise 100% grassfed and finished beef and pastured and pork in Warrenton, Virginia. Look for their beef, ground turkey, pork and more in our freezers!

New Asbury Farm

Neighbors and dear friends, Bill and Jean Baker, produce healthy, tender and flavorful local lamb on 12 acres of lush green meadows north of Willowsford. We welcome their roasts, chops, sausage and stew meat at our Farm Market on a regular basis.

Greenstone Fields

Barbara and Dennis grow specialty cut flowers using organic methods that nurture the soil in the Wheatland community of Loudoun County. Over 90 varieties of flowers thrive at Greenstone Fields, harvested to ensure optimum vase life. Greenstone Fields is part of a growing movement to educate the public about fresh, local, naturally grown flowers that last. Currently, Barbara is the Secretary of the Association of Cut Flower Growers and Dennis is chair of Loudoun County’s Rural Economic Development Strategy implementation. Their incredible bouquets are for sale at our Farm Market and through our CSA program.

Trickling Springs Creamery

Trickling Springs Creamery, headquartered in Chambersburg, PA, provides fresh, family-farmed milk from happy cows to quality-focused families and individuals throughout Maryland, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware and Washington D.C. Their Organic and All Natural milk bottled in reusable glass bottles is available at our Farm Market alongside their butter, yogurts, cheeses and ice cream!

Cool Mama Fresh

Angela Marsh started making granola in Ashburn to serve her husband and family who are either Celiac or gluten sensitive. News of her delicious, handmade, micro-batches spread and we began carrying – and frequently selling out of – her amazing granola.

Sweet Farm Sauerkraut & Pickles

The folks at Sweet Farm Sauerkraut, in Frederick County, Maryland, are dedicated to creating fresh, healthy, natural krauts, kimchi, pickles and pickle relish made with nothing but sea salt, spices and organic vegetables. Their traditional fermentation methods produce fresh, crisp and tangy krauts that are naturally full of probiotics and beneficial bacteria, taste great and pair well with just about any meal. Find a variety of their products in our Farm Stand fridges. The ones with the Willowsford Farm logo were made with our veggies!

MTO Kombucha

Made-To-Order (MTO) Kombucha brews all-natural Kombucha in Northern Virginia. Made from tea, a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY), and naturally-infused flavors like lime-basil and raspberry, this “elixir of long life” is believed to improve sleep, increase energy, improve digestion, reduce sensitivity to allergies and promote healthy joints, immunity and skin. Ralph and his Brew Crew fill our weekly Kombucha shares and keep our Farm Stand fridge stocked with a variety of natural flavors. This stuff is seriously good!

Zayna’s Delight Hummus

Abra Cosma was one of our first CSA members in 2012 and taught us how to turn eggplant into Baba Ganouj. She does a much better job of it though! We sell her seasonal hummus varieties and more, we love her authentic Lebanese cooking.

Day Spring Farm

Sean and Jesse Baker operate their family’s grass based farm in Middleburg, Virginia, humanely raising pasture-based animals without growth hormones, stimulants, GMOs or antibiotics. Each year, we work with them to bring you the freshest and highest quality turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Georges Mill Artisan Goat Cheese

Located in nearby Lovettsville, Sam and Molly Kroiz are eighth generation farmers producing handmade artisanal cheese using milk from their herd of Alpine dairy goats. We sell their chevre, feta, and a selection of bloomy rinds at our farm stand.

North Fork Potato Chips

Martin Sidor Farms is located on Long Island, New York, but members of the Sidor family live right here in Willowsford and turned us on to these chips in 2014. Kettle cooked in nothing but real sunflower oil, and available in a variety of flavors, the chips were an instant hit at our farm stand. Check out their latest Green Initiatives too!

Three Springs Fruit Farm

This seventh generation farm in Wenksville, PA has been family owned and operated for more than 100 years. On 450 acres, Three Springs is a diversified operation with an emphasis on sustainability, recently earning their Food Alliance Certification in 2010. Ben Wenk and his family and team work hard to grow tree fruit with as little spraying as possible and you’ll see their peaches, cherries, apricots, pears, and an array of condiments, juices and canned fruit at our Farm Stand.

Commonwealth Joe

A local and family operated, innovative specialty coffee roaster based in Northern Virginia.

Misfit Juice

Out of Washington, DC, Misfit makes juices out of “misfit” produce, sometimes known as “ugly produce” that may otherwise go to waste. Good for you, good for the food chain, and remarkably delicious.

Additional Produce

Occasionally at the Farm Stand we supplement what is growing here with products from other farms. It is important to us that these farms meet certain criteria: they produce a good product and they treat their land and their crops the way we would if they were ours.

Most produce we sell is local to our Chesapeake watershed. We pledge to be transparent about what products come from where and whether they are grown organically or not.

Tuscarora Organic Cooperative

Tuscarora Organic Growers (TOG) is a cooperative of small organic farms in southern Pennsylvania, several of whom we know and admire. One of the benefits of working with aggregators like TOG is that we can support fellow farmers, provide as consistent selection as we can, and help us enjoy and focus on growing crops we love and grow well here.

Local Food Hub

The Local Food Hub (LFH) is an aggregator of Virginia-grown and made products, which supports farms of all sizes that may be far from strong markets. One of the benefits of working with aggregators like the LFH is that we can support fellow farmers, provide as consistent selection as we can, and help us enjoy and focus on growing crops we love and grow well here.

Second Spring Farm

David Giusti rented land from us before he landed in Wheatland, Virginia. He grows using ecology-based farming practices like ours. You may know his squash and cucumbers from years past!

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